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The State Farm Hoopers ad was right6:27 pm Wed Sep 22 EDT 0 ups @ 0.33 Removed


Stephen a said Dwane Casey should ve been the coach instead of nick Nurse5:36 pm Thu Dec 9 EDTRemoved

Unpopular opinion: Its because Casey is black and Nurse is white. 2

Free throws of Lebron James12:26 am Sat Dec 11 EDTRemoved

>I watch skip baylees and Shannon sharpe on undisputed Yikes 6

The Sixers are leading the Cavs 77-36 at the half tonight8:31 pm Sat Dec 11 EDTRemoved

Whats with all these stat and score update posts? 4

KAT is so soft He s getting absolutely abused by AD9:58 pm Sun Dec 12 EDTRemoved

Couldnt even post up KCP lol 1

Stephen A Smith on Lebron2:25 pm Thu Dec 23 EDTRemoved

And why did KG jump ship to the Celtics? 2

Respect to the Warriors7:32 pm Wed Dec 29 EDTRemoved

Respect to you for giving respect for giving credit where it’s due 20

What would happen if a top 5 player punched a ref in the face 9:29 pm Wed Jan 13 EDTRemoved

What if he stole his nose? 10

Lebron takes care of business in ADs absence 35 16 7 on a stellar 14-25 from the floor 3-6 from deep and 4-5 from the line in only 32 minutes of play12:17 am Sat Jan 16 EDTRemoved

Still dont understand why we have all these stats posts when theres a post game thread for that shit. -2

META I think posting full articles from the Athletic is fucked up and it should not belong on r nba7:03 pm Tue Jan 19 EDTRemoved

>I think this sub is better than that. Youre speaking to a sub where most people watch pirated streams. 53

I m pissed8:14 pm Mon Feb 1 EDTRemoved

Who? 3

If you search Donovan Mitchell on Google a random person comes up 5:38 am Fri Feb 5 EDTRemoved

Google Samuel Soba next 1

PSA The 1Million dollar figure Lebron spends on his body is not special and many athletes spend that amount or more11:34 am Thu Feb 18 EDTRemoved

Just check his history lol. Dude will look for any reason to hate. Respect to the unbiased Lakers game, but hes probably a "Kobetard" 4

Only 100k 10:16 pm Sun Feb 21 EDTRemoved

Better than 0 1

Idea for preventing All-Star games to end on a free throw11:36 pm Sun Feb 21 EDTRemoved

Or just dont foul 6

Idea for preventing All-Star games to end on a free throw11:36 pm Sun Feb 21 EDTRemoved

And it wasnt even a soft foul lol, he was grabbing his arm. 1

Will Harvard University be doing a case study on Igoudala performance tonight 10:35 pm Thu Feb 25 EDTRemoved

Find out on the next episode of Dragonball Z 2


But this isnt news... 1

BRADLEY BEAL IS A DAWG4:25 am Thu Mar 4 EDTRemoved

Finna be a first round exit. 1

Highlight request of Marv Albert referring to AD as Antonious Davis 12:36 am Fri Mar 5 EDTRemoved

Now theyre saying it was Ed Davis 3

Andrew Wiggins should go by Andy or Drew to rebrand himself1:32 pm Wed Mar 10 EDTRemoved

I see nephew hours started early today 10

Steve Javie is a gigantic bitch4:22 pm Mon Mar 15 EDTRemoved

Respect Hitler for not backing down but hes still wrong. 2

You re on a Tinder date with Rajon Rondo what do you talk about 9:34 pm Tue Mar 16 EDTRemoved

Challenge him to a game of Connect 4 2

You re on a Tinder date with Rajon Rondo what do you talk about 9:34 pm Tue Mar 16 EDTRemoved

It is for OP 1

What are you doing with no games being played 7:53 pm Thu Mar 18 EDTRemoved

Autoerotic Asphyxiation 10

Anyone recall that post where some Lakers fan broke up with his gf because she wasnt sad because he died 12:12 am Tue Jul 6 EDTRemoved

Anyone recall that post where /u/CAT199O was asking about another post? It was one of the top 10 cringiest posts Ive seen 1

The altered IT post was so amazing that it currently doesnt have any comments with negative karma11:12 pm Mon Jul 12 EDTRemoved

Just from 10 seconds of checking theres 3 negative comments calling OP racist. 1

Lebron James is the most clutch player of all time and it s not close 1:32 pm Wed Jul 14 EDTRemoved

Swap prime Jordan for LeBron on that 2011 Heat squad and guess who wins the finals? 12

MICKEY MOUSE RING 12:23 am Sun Jul 18 EDTRemoved

If LeBron wins theres an asterisk. Anyone else and its a clean win. 2

OC Senator Josh Hawley who has criticized the NBA Adrian Wojnarowski and LeBron James on their relationship with China and stance on Hong Kong actually has strong ties to China itself1:46 am Mon Jul 19 EDTRemoved

Thats a stretch 0

I dont care what u have to say about me or my team The Memphis Grizzlies have been a joy to watch this season 11:58 pm Thu Aug 19 EDTRemoved

Okay 6

How to make the NBA rethink their standard of officiating 4:07 pm Tue Aug 24 EDTRemoved

Lol 2

Do you think Giannis leaves Milwaukee 4:11 pm Tue Aug 24 EDTRemoved

To the Magic for his next chapter 2

I know Luca exciting but when is the last time a healthy Kawhi lost a playoff series 4:07 am Tue Aug 31 EDTRemoved

Something about basketball is a team sport? 2

Is Pascal Siakam the greatest player from Cameroon 8:44 pm Thu Sep 9 EDTRemoved

blue team good 2

Why was a 0 points in the 4th thread for Lebron okay and the dozen made for Kawhi all removed 12:01 am Sun Sep 12 EDTRemoved

Ill explain it to you later 1

Kawhi Leonard scored zero points in the fourth quarter in the Clippers game 2 loss to the Nuggets 8:13 am Sun Sep 12 EDTRemoved

https://youtu.be/8itC3UD0_0c 0

How much do you think the Nuggets get blown by in Game 3 4:29 am Mon Sep 13 EDTRemoved

Depends which PG we get tbh. 1

If the Clippers win the chip this year should they give each fan a ring too 12:00 am Tue Sep 14 EDTRemoved

If Clippers win theyll magically inherit all the Warriors fans. 1

Lebron James with monster first half 29 pts on 10-14 fg 4-5 from 3 Most points he scored in first half all season10:27 pm Tue Sep 14 EDTRemoved

Feels like Game 1 vs GSW 2018 1

Why is Playoff Do able to steal the ball from Harden so much 11:29 pm Tue Sep 14 EDTRemoved

Do 2

Stephen A smith claimed this morning that the way Steve Nash was hired would never happen to a black coach 11:39 am Thu Sep 16 EDTRemoved

Didnt the Cavs want Chauncey years ago but he rejected? 4

KD was RIGHT to leave OKC with their desire to keep WB as their number 2 and KDs decision has been VINDICATED2:55 pm Sun Sep 19 EDTRemoved

No one faulted him for leaving. People were pissed about him going to GSW. Anywhere else and no one wouldve cared. 25

Should the Clippers bring Doc Rovers off the bench for Game 7 4:10 pm Sun Sep 19 EDTRemoved

Serious responses only please. 12

Which media personality do you dislike the most 3:14 pm Mon Sep 20 EDTRemoved

Paul "Id average 50 points today" Pierce 3

Clip Request Kemba Walker pushing DJJ into Marcus Smart9:10 pm Tue Sep 21 EDTRemoved

Bullshit call 5

Kawhi Leonard in a game 7 tonight 14 6 5 on 6-22 from the field11:25 pm Tue Sep 21 EDTRemoved

Kawhi looking like Harden in the 2017 series vs Spurs. 2

Lakers shot 32 free throws in the first half10:19 pm Fri Sep 24 EDTRemoved

Felt like soft calls both ways tbh. 48

It Miami and LA meet in the Finals do you think Spoelstra would have an secrets on LeBron 11:13 pm Fri Sep 24 EDTRemoved

If Miami and LA meet in the Finals, do you think LeBron would have any secrets on Spo? 2

Lebron led Lakers didnt even make the playoffs last year they aquire an 30ppg 12reb player flourish and all of a sudden lebron is the reason 1:29 am Sat Sep 25 EDTRemoved

Go to sleep Skip 4

Cody Covington calls out LeBron James calls him spineless 11:07 pm Sat Sep 25 EDTRemoved

Who? 12

r nba sidebar pics1:22 am Sun Sep 26 EDTRemoved

Imagine caring about a sidebar pic lol 5

Did AD just say thats why Bron brought me here 10:15 pm Sun Sep 26 EDTRemoved

Send him to China 1

Clipper Darrell has now switched allegiances by changing his name to Laker Darrell and updating his profile pic as well 9:39 pm Mon Sep 27 EDTRemoved

Pretty sure he did this on a bet, not bandwagoning. https://twitter.com/clipperdarrell/status/1308219392660926466 7

A heat and nuggets final is the hest possible outcome for these playoffs 1:35 am Thu Sep 30 EDTRemoved

Naw dude, based on one play we can conclude that all role-players on the Lakers arent confident /s 5

Why were the Lakers able to advance the ball on their final possession11:38 pm Thu Sep 30 EDTRemoved

They used 2 timeouts. Second one advances the ball. 23

List that NBA is Rigged1:37 am Fri Oct 1 EDTRemoved

Wonder how Knicks fans feel... 1

I am 6 time all star Kyrie Irving with a QNA today7:49 pm Fri Oct 1 EDTRemoved

What type of parental role has LeBron played for you and your teammates? 3

So Heat-Lakers game 1 starts next Friday 10:59 pm Fri Oct 1 EDTRemoved

Both teams gonna choke a 3-1 lead 1

What does it say about the NBA if its best player is a 35 year old in year 17 1:39 am Sun Oct 3 EDTRemoved

You know that MJ was 35 when he won his 6th ring? 1

Down 1 with 5 40 left to play Bradenholzer Stevens watched the Heat go on a 13-0 run in three minutes and never called a timeout10:09 pm Sun Oct 3 EDTRemoved

Bradenholzer lol 2

Boston has now lost 3 of the last 4 ECFs2:04 am Mon Oct 4 EDTRemoved

Thats tough 2

If Lakers wont win in 5 theyll lose to Heat in 710:46 pm Mon Oct 4 EDTRemoved

[deleted] 1

out of respect of doc rivers I dont see ty Lue taking the clipper job 10:51 pm Tue Oct 5 EDTRemoved

Money talks 1

Discussion The one thing Adam Silver is dropping the ball on 8:49 pm Wed Oct 6 EDTRemoved

Not with C Webb and Reggie. 2

People really overhyped this Miami team because they wanted a competitive Finals10:23 pm Wed Oct 6 EDTRemoved

One half of Game 1. Chill 2

Would the Lakers win this Finlals without Lebron 11:37 pm Wed Oct 6 EDTRemoved

No lol. Probably bounced in the first round. 1

Is it really crazy to try an advocate for a extended rest between game 1 and game 2 with all the injuries especially if the Lakers agree to it Serious 2:33 am Thu Oct 7 EDTRemoved

>Also I think the Lakers would want to face a healthy Heat team to prove themselves instead of facing the Heat bench for 3 games. No team in the history of the NBA would agree to this. 27

Kanye for President and Kyrie for VP 2024 book it 11:21 am Fri Oct 8 EDTRemoved

Kyrie on Kanye "This is the first time in my career where I can look down and be like, That motherfucker can make that shot too." 1

The NBA should switch its postseason to best of 3 series7:55 pm Fri Oct 8 EDTRemoved

Id rather they shorten the regular season a little instead. 1

What do you think of Lebron s Personality 8:20 pm Fri Oct 8 EDTRemoved

>Am I the only one who is not a big fan of Lebron’s personality? Is this a serious question lol? Hes one of the most hated athletes. 4

What do you think of Lebron s Personality 8:20 pm Fri Oct 8 EDTRemoved

Everyone can be viewed as a terrible personality tbh. The people with the biggest spotlights are just exposed more than everyone else. Personally choose to focus on the positives in him and other people instead of the negatives. So maybe Im biased. 1

The moment seems too big for the Heat 9:22 pm Fri Oct 8 EDTRemoved

The Lakers size is too big for the Heat 1

Should Miami get a bench player to try and fight a Lakers star 10:47 pm Fri Oct 8 EDTRemoved

Get off of reddit Bill Simmons 7

For all Ya ll hating on Duncan Robinson 12:03 am Wed Oct 13 EDTRemoved

Twitter hates everyone lol 1

The Finals feel like the end of The Incredibles movie12:34 am Wed Oct 13 EDTRemoved

Ya a player who makes over 40 million a year is gonna throw a game for bets. 2

The Finals feel like the end of The Incredibles movie12:34 am Wed Oct 13 EDTRemoved

Dont think anyone in the East had a chance. Only team beating them this is the Clippers. 1

Game 5 Black Mamba Jersey12:10 am Thu Oct 14 EDTRemoved

Dont take the bait 1

If LeBron won every Finals hes been in would there be any argument against him 7:59 pm Fri Oct 15 EDTRemoved

"Easier era" 2

Wind knocks over Duncan Robinson10:27 pm Fri Oct 15 EDTRemoved

Didnt know they allowed snipers in the bubble. 3

Jimmy should threaten to sit out game 6 if the league won t punish AD over Crowder slap 5:03 pm Sat Oct 16 EDTRemoved

We just gonna forget Crowder trying to tear off LeBrons arm in game 1? 5

Serious What adjustments can Spoelstra make at half to give the Heat a chance to win this game 8:54 pm Sun Oct 17 EDTRemoved

I love your username :) 1

LeBron is one humble guy9:19 am Mon Oct 18 EDTRemoved

K 1

Kawhi and LeBron need to play each other in the playoffs before we call one of them the best in the league 4:25 pm Mon Oct 18 EDTRemoved

If Kawhi "got traded" by demanding a trade, then technically LeBron got traded to the Heat 16

The new age avengers will avenge vs LeThanos8:52 pm Mon Oct 18 EDTRemoved

https://i.imgur.com/dTcAHZc.jpeg 2

Overtime Video proof that the league rigs games for the Lakers6:27 pm Tue Oct 19 EDTRemoved

Just watched the replay, @5:25 KCP gets 2 points off a goaltending, which wasnt added on the TV counter. They added it a minute later manually. TV counter is wrong sometimes, dont make it rigged lol. 3

Overtime Video proof that the league rigs games for the Lakers6:27 pm Tue Oct 19 EDTRemoved

Go to sleep Ayesha. It was a TV error, watch the actual game instead of out context clips. 1

Not a single person apart of the NBA has mentioned what is going on in Bangkok Thailand Hypocrisy 5:36 pm Fri Oct 22 EDTRemoved

Person from x country doesnt care about problems in y country, shocking. China in particular is only brought up as a republican talking point. Neither side actually cares about international issues. 1

Tyler Herro - Jack Harlow 10:28 pm Thu Oct 28 EDTRemoved

How the fuck is Jack Harlow #1 Trending... Who likes this crap?! -2

How come Kobe gets a pass for what he did 5:43 pm Sun Oct 31 EDTRemoved

Everyone also forgets Mr "we men, you can assume" 0

NBA media TRASH6:44 pm Sun Oct 31 EDTRemoved

Theres debate shoes now? 1

Splice two sperms together and inject who you got 10:10 pm Wed Nov 3 EDTRemoved

Lebron Horry 1

Charania China Made10:41 pm Sat Nov 27 EDTRemoved

hoes mad 1

LAKERS ALL-TRADED TEAM2:26 am Fri Jan 8 EDTRemoved

Being shit for years tends to give your team a lot of good picks... -1

Who is the most egotistical player in the league 11:07 am Tue Jan 12 EDTRemoved

Kyrie 1

Best Duo and Trio non Brooklyn In the League 5:47 pm Sat Jan 16 EDTRemoved

Probably the Knicks, cuz lolknicks. 1

The Wizards is my least favorite team name1:00 pm Wed Jan 20 EDTRemoved

They should change to the Washington Bullets. 24

LeGod James is 10 12 with his only misses being 3pt attempts9:42 pm Mon Jan 25 EDTRemoved

Any "Le" nickname is pretty lazy at this point, youd think people would be more creative after 18 years. 2

What do you think Lebron James will do when he retires 1:00 am Tue Jan 26 EDTRemoved

Play football for 2 years then come back. 6

Will Russell Westbrook be an All-Star this season 10:33 pm Tue Jan 26 EDTRemoved

Nope 2

Lakers Forgot to Inbound11:46 pm Thu Feb 4 EDTRemoved

Same thing happened yesterday, with the Mavs, "Aaand of course the refs didn’t call it" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9AQ8PJFunH4 5

Request Montrezl Harrells airball in OT12:38 am Tue Feb 9 EDTRemoved

0 points is 0 points 7

Someone has to tap Marv Albert on the shoulder and lead him on out to pasture9:36 pm Thu Feb 11 EDTRemoved

Hed probably forget it 10 seconds later :( 3

Jokic has averages of More Points More Rebounds More Assists More Steals More Blocks Less Turnovers Better FG FT and 3 pt Percentages by significant margins and playing with No other All Star on the team inconsistent Murray has never made the AS 10:57 pm Fri Feb 19 EDTRemoved

Lakers are 2nd seed in the league. Nuggets are 10th seed in the league. 10

Who is the most poggers player in the NBA 10:38 pm Sat Mar 13 EDTRemoved

Based on what? 1

It s time we admit Dame is the best PG in the game right now12:32 am Wed Mar 17 EDTRemoved

"And its not even close" 5

It s time we admit Dame is the best PG in the game right now12:32 am Wed Mar 17 EDTRemoved

If you dont like that, you dont like /r/nba 1

How do you feel now huh11:09 am Thu Mar 25 EDTRemoved

Put it on your resume. Maybe some team will hire you lol 2

Which lineup wins 10:33 pm Fri Apr 2 EDTRemoved

And its not even close 1

Does Lebron playing against TikTokers and Twitch streamers diminish his accomplishments 2:34 am Wed Apr 7 EDTRemoved

Just to suffer 2

How angry would you be if Max Kellerman hates on Steph again 10:44 pm Mon Apr 19 EDTRemoved

Why would anyone be angry over ESPN trolls? lol 3

Kyrie has played two more games than Embiid Also averaging 27 5 6 on 50 39 90 Should he be in the MVP conversation 10:14 pm Tue Apr 20 EDTRemoved

MVP has been about narrative more than stats. Kyrie doesnt have it. 1

Jeremy Lin blackballed 1:35 am Tue Apr 27 EDTRemoved

Kap was benched for Gabbert in 2015 https://www.nfl.com/news/niners-bench-colin-kaepernick-blaine-gabbert-to-start-0ap3000000572076 He didnt start protesting untill 2016 https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nfl/news/colin-kaepernick-kneeling-protest-timeline/ 2

Jeremy Lin blackballed 1:35 am Tue Apr 27 EDTRemoved

Nope, just not good enough. 1

Trolls should be ban from this sub10:46 pm Tue May 4 EDTRemoved

Just need to ban a few and the rest will fall in line. 0

The Sixers have an unofficial bye to the conference finals3:45 am Mon May 10 EDTRemoved

Thats not how a bye works. Bye = sit at home. Nothing is guaranteed. You might get injured, choke, refs, etc. 1