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Post Game Thread The New York Knicks 8-16 defeat the Milwaukee Bucks 15-7 136-1347:53 pm Sat Dec 4 EDT

the knicks commentators were so biased though

Holy shit are Knicks fans cancerous6:17 am Fri Feb 5 EDT

the worst nba fans by far -4

Should the rockets swoop in and pickup the lakers deal while shedding cp3 s contract 6:03 am Wed Feb 10 EDT

rockets flair too 5

Jayson Tatum will end up being a better player than Michael Jordan himself1:46 pm Sun Feb 21 EDT

yea nah 1

r nba users based on country how does it look 8:19 am Wed Mar 3 EDT

Greek and milwaukee fan, big surprise there 1

Discussion Basketball is the only pro sport where a referee s sensitivity can affect the actual score of the game Should this change 1:44 pm Mon Mar 8 EDT

You obviously have no idea how soccer works 30

Who are the top 5 centers in the league 1:59 pm Mon Mar 8 EDT

J Allen the goat 3

What players are on the All-NBA Thicc Squad 3:44 pm Mon Mar 8 EDT

Zion in a year 9

I am willing to compare Lebron to Jordan if we consider this Lebrons Was Wizard years 3:37 pm Mon Mar 8 EDT

This aint it Chief 5

Individuals who think that LEBRON is without still doubt the best player in the league in A D 2019 state your case though1:32 am Tue Mar 9 EDT

Nomotivation Bron is depressing to watch 2

LeBron and Kyrie are going to reunite 2:26 am Tue Mar 9 EDT

Lebron a godawful personality off court? Boy you are trippin 6

LeBron bandwagoner here Who do I root for in the playoffs 10:06 am Fri Mar 12 EDT

for the team that gets to dethrone the warriors 1

Giannis is the 11th player this season to score 50 points in a game this season an NBA record 6:08 pm Sun Mar 21 EDT

mvp -1

Post-Game Thread The Philadelphia 76ers 45-25 defeat the Milwaukee Bucks 52-18 130-125 behind 40 15 6 from Embiid and despite 52 16 7 from Giannis6:14 pm Sun Mar 21 EDT

ya if only he flopped like Harden, we d have won 1

James Harden just dropped 27 points in the 1st Quarter against the Spurs8:40 pm Fri Mar 26 EDT

u know harden just had 12 fts in a quarter? 1

Why do some people say Draymond Green couldn t clamp Clyde Drexler 6:56 pm Sun Mar 28 EDT

Your arguments need more work 1

Why are Bucks fans bitching about Tim Bontemps article 4:00 pm Mon Mar 29 EDT

ok bro 8

Trae Young will be a top 3 PG in the next 2-3 years7:12 am Wed Mar 31 EDT

trae collins huerter, the mediocre trifecta 1

Serious Who are the most polarizing players in the NBA 4:48 pm Wed Apr 7 EDT

The downvote harden stan goon squads are ruthless 2

I asked my girlfriend who she thought was the hottest player on each NBA team Here are the results 2:24 pm Thu Apr 8 EDT

nah that would be trey 3

Would you rather be hated like OKCs old Big 3 or universally loved like Giannis Curry Dirk Doncic etc 4:01 pm Fri Apr 9 EDT

admiring someone for his ethos and personality is dickriding? oh boi 2

Joel Embiid has posted 33 14 2 5 5 1 7 1 over his last 6 games 10:44 am Sat Apr 10 EDT

He got sonned tho, put that in his stats too -2

My guaranteed nba playoff series predictions9:17 am Thu Apr 15 EDT

ok 6

Houston a lock for the finals 6:50 pm Thu Apr 15 EDT

I aM A WaRriOrs FaN 35

Hot takes 8:48 am Fri Apr 16 EDT

So you think that celtics can take on the bucks without their currently best player? 1

Wait you guys really thought the Celtics would lose 2:45 pm Sun Apr 18 EDT

i fully expect this to be deleted if pacers come back 1

Is there any eastern team the Celtics defense cant lock down 3:34 pm Sun Apr 18 EDT

oh god, celtics are gonna act like the won the finals already 10

Serious Name 10 Players in History who at Their peak were Legitimately Better than Giannis Currently is at Basketball6:06 pm Wed Apr 21 EDT

Detlef Shrempf 2

James Harden is 0 11 from the field for 6 points12:16 am Sun Apr 25 EDT

not a good night for the MVPs 1

What if someone use PED 5:49 pm Sun Apr 25 EDT

people seem to confuse that not only anabolic steroids are PEDs 1

Giannis needs to get called for more Offensive fouls3:40 pm Tue Apr 27 EDT

you sound hella mad though 3

Westbrook finishes the series with more triple-doubles 2 than wins 1 1:37 am Wed Apr 28 EDT

clearly westbrick > dame 2

Russell Westbrook notched a triple double 2:13 am Wed Apr 28 EDT

true leader 1

Can The Sixers 76ers decide on one name 2:19 am Wed Apr 28 EDT

Thats Seventy6ers for you, sir 2

Would you rather have Giannis or Pascal Siakam 2:15 pm Sun May 2 EDT

Giannis has ful time rent in New york fans heads 5

Does Harden ever shoot a jumper without falling to his ass 3:24 am Mon May 3 EDT

Curry so he wont roll ankle 2

Where do you see the Celtics going after this series 10:29 pm Fri May 7 EDT

Pierce joining them again 1

Could the Bucks sign Kawhi 10:51 pm Wed May 19 EDT

nephew time 2

Underrated player in next year s draft 4:33 pm Thu May 20 EDT

jesus christ 3

Reminder Siakam is dealing with 3 injuries 2:36 am Sat May 22 EDT

siakam is great, he is just struggling so far this series 1

Eric Bledsoe is a player huh10:25 pm Tue May 25 EDT

just wait until the next game -1

Awhh Are da poor wittle Buckies mad at Dwake 6:27 am Thu May 27 EDT

yelling you trash in his face irked me the most, very disrespectful 2

Isnt Drake an employee of the Raptors 7:08 am Thu May 27 EDT

Relax 14

What team has the most Toxic fanbase in the league 5:30 pm Sat Jul 3 EDT

toronto lately 6

According to MLSE Media Room availability Toronto Raptors has booked the time slots from 2 45 to 5 45pm EST on July 5th Announcements may be coming soon KawhiWatch1:42 pm Fri Jul 9 EDT

he stay -5

If the Clippers win a championship will they even get a dozen people to show up to their parade 4:13 am Sun Jul 11 EDT

stay classy, Raptors fans 2

Why is no one talking about Hardens 3pt Shooting 7:06 am Tue Nov 2 EDT

Because the harden Stans will downvote anyone to Oblivion like they LL do with this comment -3

Trae Young vs Bulls - 9PTS 3 AST 4 TOs on 25 shooting4:11 am Thu Nov 11 EDT

So that wasnt his stat line? 1

Most underrated player of all time in your opinion 4:14 am Thu Nov 11 EDT

Blake Griffin 0

Here are my NBA awards 3 weeks into the season just for fun 7:01 am Fri Nov 12 EDT

Lillard mvp is a reach 5

Here are my NBA awards 3 weeks into the season just for fun 7:01 am Fri Nov 12 EDT

Spidah, Lebron 1

Kyle Kuzma is avg 9 7 3 3 0 1 337 125 600 13 31 18 MPG after 3 games7:33 am Sat Nov 13 EDT

Kuz is special, he will pick it up -1

How are the Raptors going to fare against the two LA teams back to back 3:09 pm Sat Nov 13 EDT

They either win or lose 8

What do you think of the Bucks new Cream City Jerseys 12:17 pm Tue Nov 23 EDT

Makes me cream 6

Is Westbrook still a viable starter 11:54 am Thu Nov 25 EDT

180% 2

Would you still watch the NBA if Giannis somehow got traded to the Lakers at the deadline 2:56 am Sat Nov 27 EDT

Yeah thats not gonna happen 1

The Heat Raptors and Trail Blazers fan bases are toxic 6:45 pm Sat Nov 27 EDT

Flair up chicken 1

LeBron didn t miss a single FT tonight Complain about that Skip 10:53 pm Sat Nov 27 EDT

Harden would never 16

Goga Bitadze has scored 70 career NBA points while Zion has scored 0 Goga is also averaging 13 3PTS 8 8REB 2 7A per 36 while Zion is averaging 0 0 05:42 am Fri Dec 3 EDT

Yea right bud 1

Who do you rate as the better player Kawhi Leonard or Kevin Durant 2:15 pm Fri Dec 3 EDT

Kawhi is more complete 0

PSA The constant booing gets to Kawhi8:56 am Sat Dec 4 EDT

Robots have no feelings 3

Harden is the most disrespected superstar of the generation3:58 pm Wed Dec 8 EDT

Knicks fans have 0 credibility when dissing MIL fans statements 0

Do you consider Giannis stans annoying or are they a relatively calm fanbase6:25 pm Tue Dec 14 EDT

Im a Giannis fan (Greek), who became bucks fan and Imma stay a bucks fan even if Giannis, god forbid, leaves. 1

Who you taking care Thybulle or FVV4:43 pm Wed Dec 15 EDT

The guy who was clutch in finals 1

James Harden is the best Offensive player in the league but Giannis is still the best player in the league 11:08 am Thu Dec 16 EDT

I agree 0

After missing the first 11 games of the season Paul George averages 24 6 6 2 3 8 on 50 40 91 splits over 16 games on only 30 6 minutes per game3:52 pm Sat Dec 18 EDT

I think it was obvious the messed up shoulder was keeping him behind, clippers are gonna be the best team by the end of regular season 2

Giannis is the King from Across the Sea12:39 am Fri Dec 24 EDT

The king of the east, sure 0

Giannis11:08 am Mon Dec 27 EDT

Wins mvp/hasnt done anything 0

Jesus Christ is this what all the other fanbases are talking about with Giannis and the refs 3:23 pm Wed Dec 29 EDT

More like Philly hitting everything and Giannis missing unguarded lay ups -1

Jesus Christ is this what all the other fanbases are talking about with Giannis and the refs 3:23 pm Wed Dec 29 EDT

Nephew hour -1

Jesus Christ is this what all the other fanbases are talking about with Giannis and the refs 3:23 pm Wed Dec 29 EDT

Lakers fan talking about favoritism 0

Serious What things should r NBA leave in the 2010s 11:00 pm Wed Jan 6 EDT

Calling harden hitler 9

Sixers equal second in the east 5:29 pm Mon Jan 25 EDT

What a fanbase 1

Is Russell Westbrook an MVP candidate 3:38 pm Sat Jan 30 EDT

Houston fans cant stay out of MVP convo 7

Why did people act like the Sixers has the personal to stop Giannis 10:17 pm Thu Feb 11 EDT

Thats because 90% of Reddit users dont watch games, only stats. 30

Why did people act like the Sixers has the personal to stop Giannis 10:17 pm Thu Feb 11 EDT

They got kawhi back? Nice! 12

James Harden passes Vince Carter and Jason Terry for 5th on all-time 3PTers made list 2:15 am Sun Mar 7 EDT

Show us the attempted list aswell 0

James Harden passes Vince Carter and Jason Terry for 5th on all-time 3PTers made list 2:15 am Sun Mar 7 EDT

He can easily hit 2nd then, impressive 1

Giannis1:06 am Tue Mar 9 EDT

We LL have to see I guess. Genuine a 0

Tony Brothers5:21 pm Tue Mar 9 EDT

Tony is the ring leader 3

Serious Why has Paul George become a solidifed top 10 player based on a 35 game stretch Why has the superstar title gotten so watered down 3:43 pm Sun Mar 14 EDT

Pg is top20 atm 2

Lakers put up 36 points in the 3rd quarter as LeBron goes scoreless 5:33 pm Sun Mar 14 EDT

This your MVP? -4

Time to panic Embarrassing loss to Suns extends Bucks losing streak to longest of the season8:34 pm Sun Mar 14 EDT

Ofc its a raptors fan 4

Giannis finishes the game with a ridiculous 35-11-7 on 12-14 shooting in just 31 minutes3:50 pm Sat Aug 28 EDT

But all he does is elbow and run around like a deer 31

Here to nominate a new Luke nickname Luke Lean5:57 pm Sun Aug 29 EDT

Thats a no from me 2

Was James Harden right All I see Giannis can do is run and dunk8:48 pm Fri Sep 10 EDT

This sub is cancer 28

Which fan base do you think are most sensitive 4:36 am Thu Mar 4 EDT

Lakers 0

Lakers fan message to suns fans 8:52 am Mon May 24 EDT

Second hand embarrassment ptsd kicking in 4

Where will Jimmy Butler play next year 3:30 pm Sat May 29 EDT

Stupidly locked out off the playoffs 2

Giannis is shooting 75 from the FT 15 20 line ever since the finish of game 1 of Heat vs Bucks in which Heat Assistant Coach Caron Butler decided to force a FT violation on Antetokounmpo 2:38 am Mon May 31 EDT

My grasp of the English vernacular is positively immaculate, thank you very much. 3

When things get tough for Lebron we all know what to expect3:45 am Wed Jun 2 EDT

What the heck was that man 3

Is Westbrook the worst 3 point shooter in NBA history 3:19 am Thu Jun 3 EDT

Ben has the highest ceiling atm to surpass him 1

Is trae young already better than Damian lillard2:19 pm Sun Jun 6 EDT

Bro what is this sub honestly 3

Trae Young is the best player in the NBA and will remain so2:37 pm Sun Jun 6 EDT

He is the second best player with an ass hairline behind LeBrOn 1

Bucks have built a team to get to the finals if Harden or Kyrie don t return5:38 pm Sun Jun 13 EDT

What is this, nephew hour? 6

Giannis Antetokounmpo in series-tying Game 4 win 34 points 12 rebounds 3 assists 29 1 block on 14 26 shooting and 1 4 from three5:40 pm Sun Jun 13 EDT

Why so salty? -1

Why are refs so incredibly dumb 8:44 pm Sat Jun 19 EDT

They know what they are doing lol 2

Jokic would have beat the bucks if he had the nets current injured team 11:32 am Sun Jun 20 EDT

Delete this 9

Isnt it funny that Traes worst game wouldve been Ben Simmons best game11:18 pm Sun Jun 20 EDT

Its not even funny how bad Simmons is 36

Hawks vs Bucks who ya got 11:49 pm Sun Jun 20 EDT

I ll have what he is having 2

Kevin Durant is a bad leader why doesnt he have to deal with the bullshit Kawhi does when it comes to leadership 3:16 pm Sun Jun 27 EDT

Nephew hour 6

Giannis injury3:02 am Wed Jun 30 EDT

Delete this you freak 4

Bucks without Giannis 10:34 pm Sat Jul 3 EDT

Nephew hour 2

Even if the Bucks don t win the NBA Championship they have the best 6:58 pm Sun Jul 4 EDT

Its bucks season, dont be mad 1

It s important for the Bucks not to create a KD 2 0 during the finals1:18 pm Tue Jul 6 EDT

What makes it safe to sit him 2 games and not 3? 13

Barring injury the Suns will be NBA champions2:56 pm Tue Jul 6 EDT

Pregame nephew hour 3

Before the finals starts who is better all time Chris Paul or Giannis 5:23 pm Tue Jul 6 EDT

This whole post feels like a diss to Giannis, obv Cp3 is better all time, but ops description of Giannis is sus 9

Before the finals starts who is better all time Chris Paul or Giannis 5:23 pm Tue Jul 6 EDT

Decent, undeserved mvp, overrated, totally complimenting him 5

Before the finals starts who is better all time Chris Paul or Giannis 5:23 pm Tue Jul 6 EDT

Chaotic evil subclass 10

The officiating was terrible but who got it worse 12:52 am Thu Jul 15 EDT

You must be a suns fans 10

Who is the most Good-looking NBA player in the History of NBA 6:26 am Thu Jul 15 EDT

Or Im the captain now roles 0

Giannis on Middleton He s a great freaking player he scored 40 in the finals and he wasn t an all-star this year Like what the - what are we talking about 5:52 am Sat Jul 17 EDT

I want this kind of bromance 2

Is the fan showing off his assets really a Suns fan 5:34 am Sun Jul 18 EDT

Suns fan with heat flair trying to misdirect 2

Just a reminder Steph Curry could not bring his team to Playoffs how does that impact his legacy 10:17 am Sun Jul 18 EDT

He is the second best curry now 8

Giannis without a doubt has an argument for best player in the world he just sent KD home Y all wasn t the same group saying KD was the best because he beat Bron in 2017 and 2018 12:10 pm Sun Jul 18 EDT

You mean Giannis with harden and Kyrie? 2

The last 2 MVPs and DPOYs are European Is that why most Americans dont like appreciate them 7:47 am Mon Jul 19 EDT

I mean yeah -1

Most free throw shots by one person11:23 pm Tue Jul 20 EDT

I can 4

Giannis is just different11:24 pm Tue Jul 20 EDT

I dont know why you have to praise one player and trash another 8

Glad to see an actual likeable star win it No switching teams no crying no ego no selfishness well done 11:50 pm Tue Jul 20 EDT

Is there a more deserving guy? From nothing to literally the top 3

Giannis signing a supermax with Milwaukee and then winning the championship after they got bounced by Miami last season has got to be one of the best redemption stories in NBA history11:49 pm Tue Jul 20 EDT

Noone is gonna remember the injuries in a couple of years, stay hydrated 2

What is up with Americans giving owners to lift the trophy and to make first speech about it Who cares about them stay in the back 11:56 pm Tue Jul 20 EDT

No money, no nba 11

Does Giannis have a super team 4:39 am Wed Jul 21 EDT

No but you are having a supertrip 1

If you replace Giannis with Khris Middleton do the Bucks still win the title 12:30 pm Fri Jul 23 EDT

What if you Giannis replace Middleton though 1

As a Knicks fan its really depressing to know that well have no shot at a title until James Dolan is dead basically 4:09 am Sun Jul 25 EDT

You are one generational talent away from a playoff run 2

Did the Bucks decide to throw in the towel 3:35 pm Tue Aug 17 EDT

Throwing the towel cuz they didnt sign Pj? These takes man 9