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If you were an NBA GM would you rather start your career with the current Boston Celtics roster OR Prime Allen Iverson12:17 pm Tue Aug 13 EDT 1 ups @ 0.67 Deleted


Jokic was just ejected in one of the most soft ejections you are ever gonna see 6:40 pm Sat Dec 28 EDTDeleted

Its annoying for me to listen to as well dont worry. I love the Clippers but sometimes our commentary crew can be soooo biased. 1

TOMT SONG A popular radio song whos chorus goes like You ooooh ooooh oooooh in a higher pitch 9:51 am Mon Apr 29 EDTDeleted

This is it 2

Youre putting together an Orlando Magic dream team you can have either Dwight Howard or Shaquille ONeal in their prime you cant have both which one do you take and why 5:21 am Sun Jun 30 EDTDeleted

Shaq 7

Is Jehova Witness franchise more attractive destination than Indiana Pacers 5:40 am Sun Jun 30 EDTDeleted

Im hoping theyre able to sign Eric Jr or Cash Considerations. Those would be big signings for them. 1

How many male house cats could Donovan Mitchell take in a fight 12:23 pm Sat Jul 13 EDTDeleted

I like your Antawn Jamison flair. He doesnt get enough recognition. 1