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Should the thunder trade for cp3 11:38 pm Wed Sep 23 EDT 0 ups @ 0.25 Removed

Anthony Davis so far is shooting 100 from the free throw line 1:16 pm Sat Oct 10 EDT 5 ups @ 0.86 Deleted

how good would a 7 6 IT be 6:35 pm Thu Oct 15 EDT 0 ups @ 0.33 Removed


I feel bad for the leader of the Rockets12:20 am Wed Sep 9 EDTRemoved

baiting bitch 1

The Celtics have made the ECF in 3 of the last 4 years only missing in the year Kyrie Irving played a full season for the team8:50 am Sun Sep 13 EDTRemoved

yes 1

The Denver Nuggets in elimination games this post-season 6-011:35 pm Tue Sep 15 EDTRemoved

that requires a 3-1 lead. impossible 1

Should the thunder trade for cp3 11:38 pm Wed Sep 23 EDTRemoved

to see how long before it gets removed -1

Assuming the Heat wins the series and reaches the Finals where would you rank this Jimmy Butler carry job compared to other carry jobs 11:33 pm Wed Sep 23 EDTRemoved

[removed] 0

Amazing statistic in the ECF and WCF so far11:37 am Fri Sep 25 EDTRemoved

kellerman lied 3

Im so sad that Dwade didnt stay one more year 10:53 pm Sun Sep 27 EDTRemoved

he had nothing in the tank lol 1

Which Jersey should Jimmy Gets Buckets troll LBJ with MJ Jersey Delonte West Jersey10:05 am Tue Sep 29 EDTRemoved

it would be funnier if it didn’t include west. it’s just not cool. 3

Which team do you think the as the worst eastern conference champion of all-time 11:06 pm Wed Sep 30 EDTRemoved

02 nets 8

Duncan Robinsons Game 5 was NOT an anomaly and yall better start putting some respect on his name 1:38 pm Sat Oct 10 EDTRemoved

we know 5