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Did the Warriors made a mistake not retaining Barnes 1:28 am Sun Nov 24 EDT 0 ups @ 0.09 Removed

Is Giannis Antetoukumpo the most overrated star right now 8:49 pm Sat Dec 7 EDT 0 ups @ 0.28 Removed

27 fouls in 22 minutes for DET vs LAC game6:19 pm Sat Feb 2 EDT 2 ups @ 0.67 Removed

Magic Johnson or Isiah Lord Thomas who is the worse at GMing 2:18 pm Fri Mar 29 EDT 0 ups @ 0.25 Deleted

Hypothetical scenario If Warriors loses to the Rockets last year would Steve Kerr get fired not extended 2:54 pm Mon Apr 15 EDT 0 ups @ 0.22 Deleted

Poke ball rule change2:27 am Sat May 4 EDT 0 ups @ 0.33 Removed

Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson are hurting the team by not drawing fouls2:26 am Wed May 8 EDT 0 ups @ 0.33 Removed


Butler is gonna do to Fultz what MJ did to Kwame2:26 am Wed Nov 20 EDTRemoved

Fultz can only be destroyed by himself and saved by himself. If he gets the jumper he is still an athletic player that has potential. If not, he is the next Anthony Benette. 1

Bradley Beal for JR Smith and Clarkson who says no 4:30 pm Tue Nov 26 EDTRemoved

Need an unprotected Cavs first round to do that 1

Diallo is down and hurt12:39 am Thu Nov 28 EDTRemoved

man that sucks... 2

Would Mugsby Bogues have a successful career 5:44 pm Thu Nov 28 EDTRemoved

Hand check rule, so not really I guess. 3

What NBA team is the MOST overrated at this point in the season 3:06 am Tue Dec 3 EDTRemoved

Warriors. They are not guaranteed to win the ship, Thunder/Raptors are gonna be a tough match up for them even if they are healthy -1

Do you think there is a bias towards white players on r nba 1:53 am Sat Dec 7 EDTRemoved

I bet you didn’t see how K Love gets trashed... 8

Is Giannis Antetoukumpo the most overrated star right now 8:49 pm Sat Dec 7 EDTRemoved

Stats isn’t the full story -23

55 year old Michael Jordan or a healthy and active 6 foot 6 20 year old whos never played basketball before Who would play better 9:23 pm Thu Dec 26 EDTRemoved

Jordan can spank the other dudes’ ass even if he is 70. 2

The NBA needs a 4th ref who sits in a cart 25-30 feet above the court who can see contact from above 12:46 am Fri Jan 11 EDTRemoved

No wonder ratings are down, those games aren’t fun any more with all the bullshit calls and balance calls. 2

Who is the greatest offensive talent of all time 2:21 pm Tue Jan 15 EDTRemoved

Of course James Harden. 1-17 from 3 and still 38 points has already proven that. 1

I have an idea for something r NBA can do as a community to stop Harden from exploiting the refs 4:45 pm Wed Jan 30 EDTRemoved

If literally Hitler can’t stop him I don’t know what can 8

How long will Bobans suspension be 1:21 am Fri Feb 1 EDTRemoved

You can, if you are not in the right defense position and makes contact with the offensive player you will be called for a foul even if it’s your face colliding with the offensive player’s elbow. If it’s Boban head headbutting Lance’s arm or body 1

James Harden is astronomically better than T-Mac 1:18 am Sun Feb 3 EDTRemoved

Yah, but I still love T-Mac more than Harden. 10

should 76ers try to also add jrue holiday now 2:57 am Wed Feb 6 EDTRemoved

flip JB and something for Jrue, Play Ben at 3 1

Is zion the next anthony bennett 4:32 pm Sat Feb 9 EDTRemoved

bruh 0

The dunk contest is becoming worse and worse because everything has been done before 10:45 pm Sat Feb 16 EDTRemoved

Do a free throw line 360 then 2

Besides Jayson Tatum which current NBA players have baby faces and or weak chins 11:31 pm Sat Feb 16 EDTRemoved

Look like a younger bill russell 0

Which NBA player has the hottest wife 11:35 pm Mon Feb 18 EDTRemoved

Is that you Tony? 2

Ok so its official for me there is a new best player in the world and his name is Giannis antetokounmpo Lebrons aging to the point where hes a non factor on defense so hes my number 2 guy now but Giannis is the best two guy in the NBA in my opinion 2:51 pm Tue Feb 26 EDTRemoved

Its not Lebron anymore for me, but its doubtful until play-off is over to determine whether that person is indeed Giannis. 3

Why is Steph curry regarded as much better than Damian Lillard when their stats are really similar over the past 4 seasons 5:36 pm Wed Feb 27 EDTRemoved

Dame’s efficiency is nowhere close to Stephen Curry’s, a 7-10% TS gap is fucking huge for scorers at this volume and that’s what separate an all star from a historically great offensive player 4

Admit it Lebron James is no longer the best player in the world Kevin Durant is 2:40 am Sun Mar 3 EDTRemoved

He jumped ship and acted like a bitch about it, and that’s why people disrespected him. 10

Here I present why you should hesitate to invoke Westbrooks rebounding prowess when discussing his greatness Russ averages 1 9 contested rebounds per game For reference Lonzo averages 1 7 contested rpg Russ contested rebounding is 16 8 For referenc12:45 am Mon Mar 4 EDTRemoved

Also another few things to take into context is pace and team rebounding percentage. Thunder is an Okay rebounding team defensively and an elite offensive board team, and they have the 3rd highest pace in the league so more rebounds for both teams 4

Which players have the worst hair or beard 6:34 pm Mon Mar 4 EDTRemoved

He isn’t particularly bald, just not having thick hair and it’s texture feels weird 2

If leBron was on the Bucks12:19 pm Wed Mar 13 EDTRemoved

Probably worse defensively but better on offense. 7

Basketball reference question1:29 am Thu Mar 14 EDTRemoved

You can find individual seasons easily. Don’t think there is one entry for that for the entire history 2

How much trouble are the Celtics in 12:39 am Sun Mar 17 EDTRemoved

Judging from net rating Celtics should be a 47 win team right now. They just loses too many games they shouldn’t be losing but they are still elite 2

When asked last year LeBron James on potential changes to playoff format Lets not go crazy12:40 am Sun Mar 17 EDTRemoved

He won’t make the PO even with the 1-16 format. 12

What is the problem with Andrew Wiggins 6:09 pm Tue Mar 19 EDTRemoved

One thing, he doesn’t try hard enough. Rebounding, hustle,running around etc. Second thing is his invisibles/intangibles are just bad, like shooting, coordination, leadership etc. Bad mid-range shooter, bad FT shooter, average 3pt shooter, never been a 1

Who is Zion most alike bodywise 11:55 am Sun Mar 24 EDTRemoved

A smaller but simultaneously larger Lebron 8

I truly think Joel Embiid is gonna be the most not accomplished but skilled big man of all time 1:19 am Fri Mar 29 EDTRemoved

Is Joel great? Yes he is, not a lot of people get 2nd All-NBA in his 2nd functional year. But you are projecting too much here. 4

Dave McMenamin LeBron when asked how he felt about the Lakers experiment prioritizing playmaking over shooting THBPBPTHPT 2:05 pm Fri Mar 29 EDTRemoved

[Dave McMenamin] Kevin Durant when asked how he felt about Draymond Greens "comment", calling him a bitch: "THBPBPTHPT" 1

Has Giannis fully surpassed AD 2:26 pm Sat Mar 30 EDTRemoved

This season alone Giannis has some unprecedented efficiency + basic stats + wins, 27 points with 64% TS is some crazy ass number, and AD never had this much team success even tho he had seasons with similar numbers. 1

Despite being a huge Giannis fan and watching a lot of Bucks games I somehow didnt realize Giannis is average 6 0 assists a game this year 12:07 am Mon Apr 1 EDTRemoved

7.5 to 5 isn’t great either for Harden but you can’t say he isn’t a great passer or not an accurate passer. It comes done to how those turnovers come from 1

Why do so many guys really hate Russ 4:09 pm Fri Apr 12 EDTRemoved

Russ has historical data but is pretty much a chucker with a below average TS% and his team hasnt made 50 wins since KD left. I dont agree with them but I can get why they would think so 13

What is so bad about TNT players only 9:19 pm Tue Apr 23 EDTRemoved

lmao this is a good one 5

The first round of the NBA Playoffs is a joke and it needs to be purged 9:37 pm Tue Apr 23 EDTRemoved

Dirk and Tim Duncan send their regards 9

Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson are hurting the team by not drawing fouls2:26 am Wed May 8 EDTRemoved

It already started and unless there are drastic rule changes its gonna be there. 1

Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson are hurting the team by not drawing fouls2:26 am Wed May 8 EDTRemoved

Healtes were dead last in rebounding, still won 2 championships, but it doesnt mean rebounding is not vital. Same with flopping. 0

Which is more likely to happen to the rockets this offseason 1 Fire Mike D Antoni 2 Change the whole Morey Ball System 3 Get a superstar this off season 1:24 am Tue May 14 EDTRemoved

I dont think they can actually do anything besides sign some full size forwards... Adding a few mid range shots here and there but Morey ball is NOT a bad system. Milwaukee did Morey ball too and look at them now. 1

Which is more likely to happen to the rockets this offseason 1 Fire Mike D Antoni 2 Change the whole Morey Ball System 3 Get a superstar this off season 1:24 am Tue May 14 EDTRemoved

Morey ball isnt just spamming ISO stepback 3s. it changes, the essence of Morey ball is analyse the best way your team should operate to maximize efficiency. Bucks eliminated the mid range ISO for Giannis and let him focus on getting FTs, dunk and passing 1

Alohalhololololololholaa5:22 pm Wed Jun 12 EDTRemoved

Summon the trade god! 6