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This Sub has never been this united2:21 am Wed Sep 16 EDT 3 ups @ 0.80 Removed


How many career wins does Lebron have 7:56 pm Wed Sep 9 EDTRemoved

I’ll explain later 3

7 of 15 ESPN NBA Experts correctly predict 5 seed Miami Heat to upset 1 seed Milwaukee Bucks in the Eastern Playoff 2nd round3:02 am Thu Sep 10 EDTRemoved

I was thinking that the heat might win in 7, maybe 6. But not 5. That surprised me a lot 1

What s your thoughts on Game 7 Who do you think will pass on to the ECF 2:58 am Thu Sep 10 EDTRemoved

Raptors if Lowry plays like he did in game 6. Celtics if Tatum goes off. Personally I want the Raptors to win because they can then attempt to go back to back after being considered chokers. I wouldn’t mine the Celtics winning though to get a Lakers 2