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Why would it take realistically for Rockets to trade up from 2nd pick to 1st pick 12:09 pm Tue Jul 13 EDT

Idk. That Detroit pick will probably never be a lottery pick anyways for y’all. I feel like it would take a lot to get Detroit to trade back. 4

Does Giannis have a super team 4:39 am Wed Jul 21 EDT

Only team right now that really qualifies as a super team is the Nets. 1

Im new to the nba6:39 pm Wed Jul 21 EDT

If you want to hop on a team that has potential but isn’t already established, look into teams like the Pistons and Thunder. That way you can say you were a fan when they sucked. Of course there is no guarantee they will ever be contenders so there’ 1

Why does the league act as if any player can just throw on 30 pounds of muscle just like that 4:08 pm Tue Jul 27 EDT

I think people assume that once they are around elite trainers that if they want to bulk up, it shouldn’t be that difficult. 2

The Ben Simmons hate has gone too far1:59 pm Wed Jul 28 EDT

Yeah it’s kind of crazy. I get that he collapsed against the Hawks but he’s still an all star level player. 6

Jalen Green Piston Hate10:29 pm Mon Aug 16 EDT

Yeah it’s not even that serious. 0