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Who is the greatest mid range shooter ever 9:27 pm Mon Dec 23 EDT 0 ups @ 0.44 Removed

Using players that were never the best on their team at any point in their career what is the best team you can make 7:00 pm Sun Feb 10 EDT 2 ups @ 1.00 Removed


Why is Lonzo getting exempt from the criticism Fultz does 9:57 pm Sun Oct 27 EDTRemoved

Oof 5

Post Game Thread The Golden State Warriors 17-9 Defeat the Cleveland Cavaliers 5-19 129-105 behind Stephen Currys 40 9 7 9:19 pm Wed Dec 11 EDTRemoved

MVP Steph mode back in action, wow. 6

I believe that Steph Curry is doping He only pretends to be clean to bankrupt Lebron who spends millions on his body 9:34 pm Tue Dec 17 EDTRemoved

I think OP is an idiot. I have evidence, AND I choose to believe. -2

I believe that Steph Curry is doping He only pretends to be clean to bankrupt Lebron who spends millions on his body 9:34 pm Tue Dec 17 EDTRemoved

Damn, Im the idiot I guess. 1

Do you think there are any virgins in the NBA 9:23 pm Mon Dec 23 EDTRemoved

Jonathan Isaac or whoever that pastor is on the magic? 2

Steve Kerr on win against Kings I thought Kevin was the key to the game the other night Even though Steph had the 42 points and had a lot of the highlights -- I thought Kevin played a brilliant game from that point-forward role that he plays 11:43 pm Tue Jan 8 EDTRemoved

Steph dropped 20 in the fucking fourth. I’m sorry Kerr but what more do you need the guy to do? 10

Imagine being a Warriors fan 12:39 am Thu Jan 17 EDTRemoved

Cool story brah 0

Is there any realistic way the Warriors can get AD in a trade 6:36 pm Sat Feb 2 EDTRemoved

Sure, they would have to offer Curry though. 1

Lonzo Ball has removed the Lakers from his Twitter profile bio 4:50 pm Mon Feb 4 EDTRemoved

So they got rid of D’lo for not being a leader then trade his replacement? Wack. 0

Who will be the token white guy who gets his powers stolen in Space Jam 2 10:53 pm Sun Mar 3 EDTRemoved

Big Honey 1

JVG just said that Lakers should seriously consider to trade Lebron James8:47 pm Sat Mar 9 EDTRemoved

I’ve always said this is an awful thing for the league on nationally televised games. Imagine you have a new fan tuning in for the first time and they have to listen to him grumble. 1

Please help me raise awareness about the referee who kicked Jusef Nurkic after his catastrophic injury He needs to be punished by the nba and possibly fired 1:58 am Tue Mar 26 EDTRemoved

u/goodmorningspliff has been fined by the league for dissing the refs. 2

Was Kawhi compared to MJ when he was starting off4:26 pm Wed Apr 17 EDTRemoved

No but I think hes modeled his game after him as he progressed. Both were/are playing the 2/3, great defenders with huge hands and a great mid range game. It would make sense to model yourself after someone similar to your features. 1

Serious Best trade partners for NOLA following the draft 9:25 pm Tue May 14 EDTRemoved

Honestly I cant see anything anyone can offer thats worth giving Zion up for. If AD is gone they are gonna get a nice package for him and then theyll also have Zion. 1