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Kyrie on the Jamal Murray situation Its funny I actually dont care I was just bored and speaking my mind To see people thinking Im upset is just really humorous 4:57 pm Wed Nov 11 EDT

He sounds like he cares 3

Nikola Jokic didnt shoot a single shot tonight vs the Grizzlies10:24 pm Wed Nov 11 EDT

Hes been doing this shit all week. It was worse today 1

The Wizards are losing 36-53 to Orlando with 4 46 left in the 2nd They NEED to blow this up 7:57 pm Fri Nov 13 EDT

Which comes first? John Wall asks out or Scott Brooks gets fired? 1

The Clippers have beaten the Warriors the Bucks and the Nuggets 1:16 am Tue Nov 17 EDT

They didnt beat us 7

Clash of Point Bigs AD vs Jokic 40 8 8 in 38 minutes vs 25 10 8 in 3410:43 pm Sat Nov 21 EDT

He slipped on a wet spot and seemed hurt so he was taken out at that moment 2

Potential packages for Bradley Beal 6:46 pm Mon Nov 23 EDT

Caruso & 2023 2nd rounder 1

The NBA needs to do something about the Nuggets home court advantage It s completely unfair 1:51 am Sat Dec 5 EDT

Yeah it sure has helped a bunch the past six years. Take that L on the way out 7

With Millsap feared to have sustained a broken toe how far do yall think the Nuggets will drop 11:16 pm Fri Dec 11 EDT

Barton, IT and Vanderbilt are all coming back soon. Sounds like Harris is day-to-day too. It sucks but its too soon to give up hope 2

Justina Termine is a joke6:15 pm Fri Dec 18 EDT

Nice try, Justin Termines coworker 3

Luka Doncic currently has more all star votes than Kevin Durant Anthony Davis Paul George Nikola Jokic Joel Embiid and Jimmy Butler 2:24 pm Thu Jan 9 EDT

Am I the only one that correctly guessed he would be second amongst West frontcourt players? 1

The Lakers are in serious jeopardy of not making the playoffs11:07 pm Fri Jan 10 EDT

Adam Silver wont allow it to happen 1

Wojnarowski The Clippers are the favorites to sign Kawhi this summer11:44 pm Fri Jan 24 EDT

Misleading title. He said they have a better chance than the Lakers 1

Nuggets have first round upset written all over them4:31 pm Thu Jan 30 EDT

Lol here we go with the altitude bullshit again. If its such a huge advantage, then why arent we good every year? 1

Nuggets have first round upset written all over them4:31 pm Thu Jan 30 EDT

Dallas? 1

Are todays events divine penance for DeAndre Jordan Remember he signed with Dallas in 2015 and blocked them from making other moves only to renege on the deal a few days later This year he signed with Dallas and promptly shipped to the Knicks a few mont5:07 pm Thu Feb 6 EDT

Didnt he sign an offer sheet with Golden State back in 2011? 3

Wright Hearing there might be one more surprise the NBA has up its sleeve for us tonight 5:48 pm Thu Feb 6 EDT

Luke Walton for David Fizdale 1

Trevor Booker potentially confirms D Angelo Russell s all star spot9:23 pm Thu Feb 6 EDT

Trevor Booker doesnt seem cool enough to have Adam Silvers number 1

Jokic or Okafor Who would you rather have for the next 5 years 8:41 pm Fri Feb 7 EDT

Unban eg 5

I was listening to Colin Cowherd this morning and he was comparing Brady and Jordan and played soundbites where they said early failures stuck with them throughout their careers it got me thinking Do you think the lack of truly great players now is due t1:41 am Tue Feb 11 EDT

If this sub is going to ban any mention of Lonzos father then mentions of Cowherd should be banned as well. Fuck that guy 14

Lets not forget that the Lakers would have gotten the AD trade done if those idiots Magic and Pelinka chose Tatum in the draft versus overhyped and much-less talented Lonzo 2:03 am Tue Feb 11 EDT

In other news: Bill Clinton is a big Brook Lopez fan 2

Is anything stopping LeBron from legitimately not jokingly deciding hes a trans woman and joining the WNBA 7:24 pm Tue Feb 18 EDT

Why does this question come up every once and awhile haha 2

Where do you think these players will be at the start of next season3:09 am Tue Feb 25 EDT

Durant-Knicks Kyrie-Celtics Klay-Warriors Kawhi-Clippers Butler-Nets 1

Players only baby8:07 pm Tue Mar 3 EDT

They drain the excitement out of the game and the intro music is also terrible 1

Which teams in the NBA do you hate 6:18 pm Thu Mar 5 EDT

I dont hate teams, just fan bases 0

Why do people think LAL will make the playoffs 12:54 am Sat Mar 7 EDT

LeBron. Thats it. And theres a ton of time 2

Marv Albert needs to stop calling games 9:41 pm Thu Mar 12 EDT

I really shouldnt be laughing at this 1

Why do players demand respect from fans but dont give any to the refs 6:17 pm Tue Mar 17 EDT

Nice try, Tony Brothers 1

Mr Untouchable If anything Brandon Ingram will not be available in trade talks throughout the summer One name to look out for the next H C Chauncey Billups along with Ettore Messina 8:06 pm Sat Mar 21 EDT

Pretty sure hes said this publicly too 3

Why did the Nuggets trade Gobert and Mitchell They would have been amazing together 12:40 am Mon Apr 27 EDT

Not this shit again 2

Leaked footage of ESPN Draft Night Rehersal5:38 pm Tue May 19 EDT

I highly doubt it. As I recall from past years, the actual lottery shouldnt take place for about an hour. Also I cant imagine that they were dumb enough to leave those doors open if it was real. 1

Is Bryan Oringher the GOAT NBA twitter troll 4:40 pm Sun May 31 EDT

I dont think hes a troll. Just a shitty person 8

Kyrie Irving and Jayson Tatum no longer follow each other on Twitter9:30 pm Sat Jun 13 EDT

Tatum told him that the Earth wasnt flat and Kyrie decided they could no longer be friends 5

This Twitter account has been nailing every offseason move so far5:23 pm Wed Jun 24 EDT

Yeah but did he call Allen Crabbe to Atlanta? 4

Who is the most overrated executive on this sub 4:08 pm Thu Jun 25 EDT

Rob Pelinker 1

Shelburne Uncle Dennis appears to be pushing Kawhi to LA but nobody is sure how strong his influence actually is 9:21 pm Fri Jul 3 EDT

Arent you the guy that posted the Anthony Davis 69 thread? 2

Jalen Rose says Kawhi is staying in Toronto for two years4:38 pm Wed Jul 8 EDT

I dont think hes losing sleep over it 2

Now that Kawhis back home in San Diego why do you think the Raptors couldnt get a deal done with him while he was in Toronto 3:03 pm Fri Jul 10 EDT

Maybe theyre there to celebrate Uncle Denniss birthday 1

Ranking The Most Surprising Moves This Offseason4:19 pm Thu Jul 30 EDT

George to the Clippers and Redick to New Orleans because there was no warning for either 1

The media equivalent of NBA HOF is the Curt Gowdy Media Award who is a lock to be inducted 3:07 am Sun Aug 9 EDT

Arye Abraham 1

Report D J Cooper suspended by FIBA for faking drug test that revealed he was pregnant12:18 am Mon Aug 10 EDT

Thought that said D.B. Cooper (guy who hijacked a plane in 1971) 1

Does James Harden have any friends 9:31 pm Sun Aug 23 EDT

Yeah, here they are: https://ak-static.cms.nba.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/2018/11/2018-19-NBA-Officiating-Staff.pdf -4

Is a part of the reasons the nuggets aren t playing Micheal porter jr to persevere his health for a possible trade 5:12 pm Wed Nov 4 EDT

Malone wants his defense to improve before he gives him a spot in the rotation 1

After 5 games of the regular season for most teams who can you confidently say you DONT want on your team anymore Through trades or waivers 12:13 am Thu Nov 5 EDT

I like all of our players 1

rachel nichols needs to be replaced on NBA The Jump 6:34 pm Thu Nov 5 EDT

She doesnt know shit about basketball so no 5

Post Game Thread The Denver Nuggets 6-2 defeat the Philadelphia 76ers 5-3 with a massive 21 point fourth quarter comeback 11:28 pm Fri Nov 13 EDT

Jamal Murray was the MVP of this game. His leadership kept us in this game 53

Nikola Jokic at the half vs the Lakers 3 1 5 1-3 from the floor 10:09 pm Tue Dec 8 EDT

It would probably help us if Jokic made himself a threat instead of passing everytime he gets the ball 2

The Raptors 30 Point Comeback is The Biggest comeback in the NBA since December 21 2009 6:03 pm Sun Dec 27 EDT

A decade and a day. Interesting coincidence 5

In your opinion which NBA player is the biggest attention whore 6:07 pm Thu Jan 2 EDT

LeBron, Kanter, Kuzma and Gobert 3

The second returns on the All Star Fan-Vote are in 4:39 pm Wed Jan 15 EDT

Second returns came out last week... 7

Overshadowed by Jamal Murray contract is Gary Harris making nearly 20M a season for 11 PPG on 52 TS9:52 pm Tue Jan 21 EDT

Defense 2

What does this trade do for the nuggets Denver fans 1:09 am Wed Feb 5 EDT

I think Denver wants to make another move. In addition, I think they dont mind seeing Capela go East to the current 2nd worst team in the NBA 1

Why is Gobert being blamed for getting infected and shuting the league down 11:57 pm Wed Mar 11 EDT

What Gobert did wasnt smart but honestly a lot of people here hate him to begin with 1

MPJ posts support of Jonathan Isaac s choice to stand rather than kneel for the national anthem9:38 pm Fri Jul 31 EDT

Ah shit. Here we go again 9

Looking for a team to support in the nba9:02 pm Sun Aug 16 EDT

Nuggets 4