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Do you enjoy small ball basketball or Steph Klay big ball 9:18 am Thu Nov 7 EDT 0 ups @ 0.29 Deleted

Unpopular PREDICTION THREAD10:49 am Sat Feb 9 EDT 3 ups @ 0.71 Removed

lt META gt Why do nephews post mad shit threads 2:42 am Mon Feb 11 EDT 2 ups @ 0.60 Removed

Serious Basketball vets why do youngsters insist that Lebron activating playoff mode will gaurentee that Lakeshow make the playoffs 1:15 pm Tue Feb 26 EDT 0 ups @ 0.25 Deleted

Why are most step back 3s not called for travelling 11:55 am Thu Feb 28 EDT 0 ups @ 0.32 Removed

Individuals who think that LEBRON is without still doubt the best player in the league in A D 2019 state your case though1:32 am Tue Mar 5 EDT 0 ups @ 0.31 Removed

Srs lt META Why do some people on r nba get very vexxed when somebody makes a legit critisism of Libry Lebron James 2:40 am Mon Mar 18 EDT 0 ups @ 0.14 Removed

Unpopular Opinion James Hardon will carry his regular season ppg numbers into the playoffs2:46 pm Sat Mar 23 EDT 2 ups @ 0.67 Deleted

UNPOPULAR OPINION James Hardon will carry his regular season ppg all the way to the finals2:46 pm Sat Mar 23 EDT 0 ups @ 0.36 Removed

IF James Hardon leads Houston Rockets to their 3rd and 4th NBA titles and ends his career at 26 000 pts at 24ish ppg does he make your top ten 11:33 am Sat Apr 20 EDT 1 ups @ 0.56 Removed


Despite very different preseason expectations the Lakers and Celtics are both 7-66:59 am Mon Nov 18 EDTRemoved

Lakers also had a very hard schedule, possibly one of the hardest thus far. They also have a PG who drops 4pts a game. They are doing as well as expected. Celtics... 1

How would Wilt do in todays NBA 1:59 am Thu Jan 17 EDTRemoved

Lonzo exists 1

Robinson Demps asked Magic for Lonzo Ingram KCP Hart Kuzma Zubac 2019 Unprotected FRP 2020 FRP swap 2021 Unprotected FRP 2022 FRP swap 2023 Unprotected FRP 2019 and 2021 Second Round Picks8:09 am Wed Feb 6 EDTRemoved

Magic might as well through Cookie in as well. 1

Why does this sub act holier than thou with ESPN and FS1 but all this sub does is clickbait and attention seek 1:14 am Thu Feb 28 EDTRemoved

Cause lotsa caucasian 12yr old from shitty flyover states. the truth hurts 1

Does LeBron have another MVP season left in him 3:05 am Thu Feb 28 EDTRemoved

No. Too many hot fresh youngsters (led by the Greek Freak) that can put up crazy good numbere/performances over a whole season. Libry cant do that anymore (dudes mid 30s and father time waits for no man. Except Vince). The truth hurts. 1

It would be really cool if the Celtics were playing better 12:10 pm Mon Mar 4 EDTRemoved

Fuck the Celticks 1

Whos the new best player in the NBA 1:20 am Tue Mar 5 EDTRemoved

Lonzo Ball (Serious) -1

What is wrong with the Lakers and Lebron recently there are many different factors that are causing this What do you think are some of the most prevalent 3:35 am Thu Mar 7 EDTRemoved

From a Knicks fan: Lakers just....suck. They are just bleh. Just uninspiring basketball. Sac Kings plays better ball than the Lakers. Let that sink in. The truth hurts. 0

Comparison between Michael Jordans and LeBron James respective career stats in term of points12:22 pm Thu Mar 7 EDTRemoved

NBA scoring champion 10 times 10 Times 10 10 x 10 100 Goatiest of GOATS 3

Which player would put Russell Westbrook in his place 12:45 pm Fri Mar 8 EDTRemoved

Bad Boys though Theyd elbow his fat lips fatter. Real talk -2

Srs lt META Why do some people on r nba get very vexxed when somebody makes a legit critisism of Libry Lebron James 2:40 am Mon Mar 18 EDTRemoved

Yeah you are right. The exact same things that were in the pink box (...) are now in the responses. I knew these youngins (cant use the n word) would respond with attacks and low grade insults though. 1

Can we ban of all time posts SERIOUS 2:29 pm Fri May 17 EDTRemoved

Use the hide function, D&D. r/nba/new is all about shenanigan/troll posts. Nephews say they hate it but deep down they love it. Dont like it, activate hide button. 1