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Do you enjoy small ball basketball or Steph Klay big ball 9:18 am Thu Nov 7 EDT 0 ups @ 0.29 Deleted

Unpopular PREDICTION THREAD10:49 am Sat Feb 9 EDT 3 ups @ 0.71 Removed

lt META gt Why do nephews post mad shit threads 2:42 am Mon Feb 11 EDT 2 ups @ 0.60 Removed


Despite very different preseason expectations the Lakers and Celtics are both 7-66:59 am Mon Nov 18 EDTRemoved

Lakers also had a very hard schedule, possibly one of the hardest thus far. They also have a PG who drops 4pts a game. They are doing as well as expected. Celtics... 1

How would Wilt do in todays NBA 1:59 am Thu Jan 17 EDTRemoved

Lonzo exists 1

Robinson Demps asked Magic for Lonzo Ingram KCP Hart Kuzma Zubac 2019 Unprotected FRP 2020 FRP swap 2021 Unprotected FRP 2022 FRP swap 2023 Unprotected FRP 2019 and 2021 Second Round Picks8:09 am Wed Feb 6 EDTRemoved

Magic might as well through Cookie in as well. 1