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The NBA the refs and this sub O_A_W_B_F_N_R_F_U_RD🔥🗑250.20
Why did the r nba mods remove my post about the NBA talking about the disturbing rise in anti-Asian discrimination -look-at-curry-man-D👏🏻00.67
Top Five Most Surprising Teams in the NBAkwilseahawkD👏🏻130.64
Is portland going to have to blow it up nlocniLD👎🏻120.33
Who would you rather have Current Joel Embiid or prime David Robinson DionWaiteressR👏🏻100.60
LeBron James is QUIETLY making a case for the greatest of all time Why is this not talked about as much as it should be ZionsGumboD🔥🗑230.16
Basketball is dyingFulmizantD👎🏻160.36
Most free throw attempts per game 1- Joel Embiid 11 7 2- Giannis Antetokounmpo 10 5 3- Trae Young 10 3 4- Luka Doncic 8 3 5- Bradley Beal 8 2 ArchyMumblesR🔥01.00
At age 40 during the last 25 games of the 2001-02 regular season John Stockton averaged 16 4 9 on 55 shooting from the field to go with 2 0 steals per game NitroXYZD👎🏻00.40
Who is at fault for Cameron Johnsons wide open three point attempt here ChristufuhD🔥41.00
Magic Johnson would be Ben Simmons in the presentpapoluca12D🔥🗑310.11
NBA Cares As we celebrate LunarNewYear a time to connect with family amp friends we must also recognize the disturbing rise in anti-Asian discrimination this past year amp remember JLin7s powerful words Try to put yourself in someone else wiseman-burnerD🔥150.92
A year ago Bojan hit one of the toughest and most impressive gamewinners in NBA historyAllureFXD🔥140.77
What are the chances that the Timberwolves trade Edwards for a win-now player FreeAgentsNoLeaveD🔥🗑100.14
This Season is killing our playersMizaistormD👎🏻130.44
Help finding NBA siteShowerInTheGulagR👏🏻60.60
Ben Simmons just followed up the best game of his career with 18-5-1-1 8-10 FT on 78 1 TS Since February began he s averaging 21 3 8 5 8 5 Are we witnessing Ben making a leap MarkelleIsMyNephewD👏🏻120.50
WSB had their revolutionary GME rise can we cause the same to the refs REFS HAVE TO BE FINED YellowAsianPrideoD🔥🗑120.20
Has a player as talented as KD ever been such a vestigial part of his teams icewizzzzD🔥🗑170.27
Ben Simmons just followed up the best game of his career with 18-5-1-1 8-10 FT on 78 1 TS Since February began Ben Simmons is averaging 21 3 8 5 8 5 Are we witnessing Ben making a leap MarkelleIsMyNephewD👏🏻50.50
Discussion Next coach of the T-Wolves Cum_VictorR🔥111.00
Harden Flop deserves a fineGoodisworthfighting4D👏🏻420.59
James Harden floppedcmbk_sznD👏🏻750.66
Harden just flopped his way to a W Kbro04D👎🏻730.48
So we can expect Harden to get a warning for flopping tomorrow right whoriasteinemD👎🏻310.49
The Boston Celtics started 8-3 while the Toronto Raptors started 3-8 Since then the Boston Celtics have gone 7-12 to get to 15-15 while the Raptors have gone 13-7 to get to 16-15Yes_Boy42069D🔥280.88
When players are on minutes restrictions why do teams not stagger the minutes so that the player can finish the game yr8131D🔥90.87
Whos the idiot who called an offesive foul on Kawhi sijaz321D👏🏻760.50
James Harden Tonight 37 11 7 on 13 25 shooting 4 9 from three and 7 11 from the lineLurker5719263845D👏🏻380.61
Lets call Pat beverly out for what he really is yamersD👏🏻430.67
Giannis at the half 21 11 3 with shooting 13 15 at the lineFun_Ordinary_2204D🔥200.86
Raptors All Star ReservesthiccpenisboiiD👎🏻380.40
How is Embiid the favorite for MVP icewizzzzD👎🏻390.41
The Bulls are just 1 5 games behind the CelticsCommon-Wedding-7264D🔥500.82
Can the coach challenge a technical like the second one Redick received whoriasteinemD🔥🗑13
JJ Reddick just got ejected for throwing a bounce pad to an official less than 20 feet away Jonas Valanciunas broke Chimezie Metu s write in game and didn t even get a slap on the wrist ThePortalKingD🔥300.70
The Celtics LOST They were up by like 30 in the thirdwhoriasteinemD👎🏻20.33
Pelicans vs Celtics man IsakmannenD🔥180.73
Kemba Walker tradeTopAdvance8D👎🏻750.30
The NBA needs to allow timeouts only during dead-ball situationsyoostonD🔥🗑160.26
Post Game Thread The New Orleans Pelicans 13-17 defeat The Boston Celtics 15-15 120 to 115surosregimeD👏🏻110.58
Who would be the ideal players to fill out the Pelicans roster if the FO decided the following players were the only ones they wouldnt trade BeyondThis14D🔥41.00
Luka Don i is averaging 33 1 PTS 7 4 RBS 9 4 AST 48 8 FG 43 1 3PT and 85 7 FT in the month of February AtreusIsBackD👏🏻130.62
Hypothetical Mega 4-Team Beal trade that would be great for the NBA Wizards Sixers Raptors Knicks BDN-ForeverD🔥🗑41
Worst 3 point shooting Teams in NBA 1- New York Knicks 32 0 2- Atlanta Hawks 34 2 3- Phoenix Suns 34 7 4- Los Angeles Lakers 35 0 5- Utah Jazz 35 2 ArchyMumblesD👏🏻80.63
Top 30 NBa players of all timeVastArt663D🔥🗑30
Ranking Best Possible 2021 NBA Finals MatchupswhoriasteinemD🔥🗑21
Norman Powell since starting has averaged 23 4 2 14 games What is his value hyukyesD🔥101.00
Kyrie to LeBron last night after his bricked 3 and Carusos miss ERPDAXD🔥🗑70.22
The Chicago Bulls are currently closer to the 4 seed in the East than the LA Lakers are to the 1 seed in the West NitroXYZD👏🏻70.50
so dunking on ppl is bad all of a suddeniro3D👏🏻270.54
There are only two Eastern Confrence teams with a winning record against the West The Brooklyn Nets and the Washington Wizards JKG4M3RR🔥21.00
The insane disrepect to yuta watanabe from other nba players is actually kind of pathetic LowrysWagonD🔥🗑800.28
Hardens Houston Restaurant Donates 3 000 Meals Amid Texas Storms Steph and Ayesha Curry Have Quietly Served Up 15 Million Meals During the Pandemic wiggins-goatD🔥🗑110.26
Why are roleplayers on LeBron led teams uncharacteristically garbage at shooting time and time again AstrowalkersD👏🏻320.57
Who do you think is Phoenixs best player ChristufuhD🔥170.80
Post Game Thread The Miami Heat 13-17 defeat the Los Angeles Lakers 22-9 96 - 94PMMeUrPussyPlsD🔥1000.88
After holding the Pelicans to just 12 in the fourth last night the Phoenix Suns hold the Grizzlies to just 34 in the first half tonight NBA_accD🔥91.00
Lebron not scared to go to a franchise by himselfnuey77D🔥🗑320.18
are screens like these legal or just something the NBA doesn t really care about to callshanmustafaD🔥80.83
Kyle Kuzma hit the most acrobatic layup of his career early in the 1st quarter and evidently no one caresadammorrisongoatD👎🏻280.43
Slater First quarter output for the Warriors the first game Steph Curry sits this season 15 points 6 19 FG 2 10 from 3 togavirusD👏🏻150.69
2014 Blake Griffin with two windmill alley-oops in 20 secondspuigggD🔥40.88
Did Brad Stevens underachieve with a core of Kyrie Kemba Tatum Brown amp Hayward Nosalis2D👏🏻160.59
Was the Lebron airball 3 against the Nets censored SAlonghornD👎🏻140.43
If the Timberwolves end the season with the highest lottery odds what is the chance they fall out of the top 3 JKG4M3RR🔥61.00
Kevin OConnor Sources The Lakers will be among the teams to pursue DeMarcus Cousins The market will be limited for Cousins sources say He has struggled this year after returning from multiple major injuries But for LA or any team in need of big manGuyCarbonneauGOATD🔥320.92
Norman Powell past 14 games 23 4 2 on 53 47 89FreeAgentsNoLeaveD🔥140.91
Is getting a rebound more luck-based rather than skill athleticism BlueDark9R👏🏻160.57
Zion is 2 in the league in 2 point field goals DifficultReach3D🔥170.86
New to Basketball and trying to figure out NBA players in reference to NFL Playersuser23244145684R👏🏻20.60
Adam Silver on Masai Ujiri being racially profiled after the NBA Finals You know to sort of march forward with incredible energy As a leader those are the kind of situations he Ujiri needs to learn to avoid ResponsibleWarthog10D👎🏻220.38
Who has the nicest pair of legs in NBA skysmokerR👏🏻20.60
Should Dame have been All star starter over Doncic LebronsSideChickD👎🏻150.33
If Damian Lillard had 3 arms would he be the GOAT HQuasarD👎🏻40.33
GAME THREAD San Antonio Spurs 16-11 New York Knicks 14-16 - February 20 2021 NBA_MODR👏🏻30.67
This is shaping up to be the best playoffs in a long time GriffinslaxD🔥🗑21
r nba making light of Anti Asian violence with Yutas poster just shows how racist and cowardly you all are Still_Whereas8122D👎🏻740.40
Paul george or jr smithawesomedom8267D👎🏻140.31
how where the bulls 1 game away from the ECF in 94 without Jordan ayya12345D👏🏻70.50
KD vs AD Who are you going for bmtkwakuD👏🏻390.62
Cleveland rookie Isaac Okoro was born on January 26th 2001 Their previous lottery pick Darius Garland was born on January 26th 2000 ZandrickEllisonR🔥31.00
Lonzo after starting the season shooting 29 from three is up to 39 for the season and 45 in his last 15 games taking 8 a game shanmustafaR👏🏻00.60
Clippers and Jazz players dominate Net Rating statseercelik21R🔥01.00
Brady gt Lebron because 7 gt 4 Bruce-PayneD🔥🗑110.25
After Anthony Edwards poster on Yuta Watanabe last night we need to seriously consider promoting his nickname to be The ER The9thDentistD👎🏻70.37
Last time two players scored 50 in the same night codymason84D🔥11.00
What s the name of the Instagram account of the guy that posts funny lip readings atlas2077R🔥21.00
Yuta Watanabe is getting a lot of hate on his social mediacmbk_sznD🔥90.82
Tonight Joel Embiid scored 50 points and blocked 4 shots The first since LaMarcus Aldridge 772 days ago ab9912D🔥61.00
Are Rudy Gobert going to be exposed once again in the playoffs summersoulxddD🔥🗑260.11
Why the Timberwolves can t fire SaundershellcatneonD👎🏻130.44
Video game player here looking for a history lesson Who are good players all time that are neither black or white but some other ethnicity-gzus-kryst-D👏🏻230.50
Lebron James is 1 641 points away from passing Kareem for the most points in the regular season and playoffs combined ab9912D🔥140.82
The Way the 76ers attacked The Bulls is pretty impressivenbacourtsideD🔥31.00
Better highlight Giannis over Hardaway Jr or AnthonyEdwards on Watanabe Royal_Scratch_2772R🔥61.00
Since both the Players and the Coaches voted Kyrie as an all-star starter over Harden why is it seen as a given that Harden has played better this season AndItsNotCloseNephewD👎🏻490.48
Jokic has averages of More Points More Rebounds More Assists More Steals More Blocks Less Turnovers Better FG FT and 3 pt Percentages by significant margins and playing with No other All Star on the team inconsistent Murray has never made the AS Skills125D👎🏻510.38
Should the NBA Finals have an alternative ending BlueDark9D👎🏻200.40
At 8 23 in the 3rd quarter the raptors scored their 57th point At the start of the 4th and they have 58 points-jaaagR🔥11.00
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