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If Nuggets achieve realistic best case scenario with their roster how would they do iliketoortlesR🔥51.00
Challenge Build a Championship roster around Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum No current or former All-Stars allowedaustgriffR🔥41.00
Eastern Conference trade idea ATL CHI IND WatchMe_NeneD👏🏻30.50
KD has basically the same career path as LeBron so far ny1763D🔥🗑480.27
Where do you guys rank Draymond right now From-LeBrontoD🔥🗑100.25
3 Team Trade Suns Pelicans CelticsaustgriffD👎🏻100.40
Kareem The Human Iron-Man never played less than 60 games in a single season throughout his 20 year career Dxwalsh12R👏🏻40.56
Would you go over or under on these top 12 teams for next season iliketoortlesD🔥21.00
Replace Hayward with Blake Griffin in 2017 Over Under 1 NBA championship for the Celtics austgriffD🔥31.00
Create the starting 5 teamwith this list iliketoortlesD👏🏻60.50
The last time Lebron was not an all-star the average price of gas in the U S was 1 59 babyyodavanD🔥120.89
Is the Warriors era a weak era of basketball CalledMeWithQ10HoneyD🔥🗑130.20
Has anyone noticed how nba players always think theyre better than they are CoolVacation432D👏🏻70.50
2019-2020 4th Quarter FG BlackswordsZR👏🏻50.60
Eric Gordon for Eric Bledsoe CoolVacation432R🔥11.00
Ben Simmons had a better 3 pt this year than Steph currystrayadudeD👏🏻10.50
My Top 10 Players of All Timethrowawaynashville11D🔥🗑30.17
45 year old westbrook vs a D1 college basketball player 1 v 1 Who wins cod_owlD👎🏻140.33
MLB game 7 NLCS higher ratings higher than every single finals game and NBA playoff gameArrayMichael7D👎🏻150.40
Lebron and Dwyane on KISS CAMoshaplsD🔥50.78
The REAL reason Robert Harry consistently hit such big shots PedosoKJD🔥🗑50.22
Who is more valuable as an asset LeBron James or Luka Doncic cmbk_sznD👏🏻180.50
What is a fair trade package for LeBron right now cmbk_sznD👎🏻240.40
Is Chris Paul both a floor and ceiling raiser royaljetD👏🏻30.50
Kawhi Leonard and Paul George will never make the finals againArrayMichael7R👏🏻10.67
Who would win between these two hypothetical teams HumblerbeeR👏🏻90.67
Where does Trae Young rank on the all time biggest draft busts of all time FederalbulgariaD👏🏻10.50
Eric Gordon and PJ Tucker for Al Horford and two seconds Who says no td139523D🔥🗑90.17
OC 2020-20201 NBA Holiday Game AlternativesbabyyodavanD🔥31.00
People who only watch Instagram and Youtube NBA highlight videos are the worst NBA fans babyyodavanD👏🏻150.67
Michael Jordan played with 4 GOATS iliketoortlesD👏🏻70.50
Jordan will always be better than LeBronCAMPlose1D🔥🗑330.14
2 pick and Wiggins for OG who says no How about 2 pick and TPE for OG who says no flexyvexyD🔥🗑160.08
Should Los Angeles have ANY NBA teams at all AnnounlicauD🔥🗑90.22
Reports Pacers hire Nate Bjorkgren as next coach NBA comHon3ynutsD🔥10.75
50 Cent I m out F UCK New York the KNICKS never win anywayNashsWhitePrivilegeD🔥🗑130.23
How much success would the Raptors have had in the playoffs if they had Demar Derozan babyyodavanD👏🏻140.50
Is it unpopular to still think Harden Kawhi amp Curry are still better than Giannis and AD MrDee97D👏🏻30.50
Are nba analysts fans as smart as the nfl talking heads LegoCornNutD🔥121.00
Replace Eric Gordon with Jayson Tatum Do the Rockets win the series against the Lakers KawhiDidNothingWrongR🔥01.00
It was a different world when the Spurs last had a losing recordNaweezyD🔥81.00
Danilo Gallinari on Twitter Where to next Rockstar408D🔥00.75
What League of Legends champions would the top 5 in MVP voting this year be nikodickolaiD👏🏻10.50
If the Lakers get Taurean Prince Evan Fournier and Cheick Diallo NoHomeJerome89D👏🏻30.50
SERIOUS Why do so many people consider Alex Caruso as the GOAT CoolVacation432D🔥🗑180.11
Honestly I love watching Lebron JamesBetter_ConsequenceD🔥🗑60.22
You have been pronouncing Zion Williamson s name wrong he whole timeLecanver483D👏🏻110.50
If NBA players were famous philosophers who would they be CoolVacation432R👏🏻120.60
LeBron SUPER WashedKing suzukigun4lifeD👎🏻10.33
I apologize for shit posting on the subCoolVacation432D🔥🗑60.25
Why do nba players call them each other this wordCoolVacation432D👎🏻80.31
Why Are NBA players called performers and their game is called performance CoolVacation432D👎🏻140.33
I don t see the warriors making the playoffs next year CoolVacation432D🔥🗑120.08
MY 2020 MOCK DRAFTx504090xD👎🏻160.33
Mekler The synopsis for SPACE JAM A NEW LEGACY is certifiably bananas and I for one cannot wait to see itumpaaD🔥61.00
The 2020 Lakers are based on Dragon Ball ZpolyphonianD👏🏻50.60
TheHoopCentral Hypothetical trade idea from BillSimmons on Zach Lowe s podcast Smart for 2 and 14 TheMGR19D🔥70.80
Porzingis should get sponsored by a ballet company and call his line Kristaps Tiptaps tattoo543216R👏🏻00.67
Porzingis should get sponsored by a wiretap company and call his line Kristaps wiretaps AcesOverPacificD🔥🗑150.27
If Doc Rivers married Nick Nurse his name would be Doc NurseHellOfaUsernameR👏🏻40.57
Keyon Doolings initials look like Anthony Daviss facenbafan631D🔥🗑80.20
The NBA referees are terrible and they should be suspended Heres why babyyodavanD🔥🗑00.29
Viagra should get in on the NBA Sponsorship 6FootMidget93D👎🏻30.43
Rihanna was an avid fan of Lugentz Dort when he was just a sophomore in high school 2016 babyyodavanD👎🏻90.42
The Athletic The top 125 NBA players The Athletic s Player Tiers Tier 5 from Aaron Gordon to Tyler Herrokobmug_v2D🔥130.78
2020-2021 NBA SEASONOhMy2025D👎🏻20.33
Part 1 of Seth Partnows Player Tier RankingsdropdatdurkadurkR👏🏻10.67
For real how stupid are peopleprumkinpornD🔥🗑100.14
Lebron is a long eared rabbitreddyvD👎🏻00.33
Looking for nba threadAlternateaccounD🔥11.00
Magic Johnson s mad richflexyvexyR🔥61.00
The more i think about it Kyle Kuzma the Lakers first round pick for Derrick Rose is actually a good trade for both teams Rose gives the Lakers a legitimate third scoring option they can bring off the bench and Kuzma has shown he can score in the NBA widolphinsfan9292R🔥41.00
Did the MVP years of Steph and Harden make Durants look relatively unimpressive throwawaynashville11R🔥71.00
Make the case Kareem vs MagicIvvyXR🔥11.00
Which NBA player still reminds you of when they were in college BallDontNotLieR👏🏻100.67
Is the Chris Paul the only player in history thats above average at basically every skill an1234567890D🔥200.71
Why dont teams just have all their players foul out and then reuse said players now free from being benched because of foulsthedutchmerchantD👏🏻70.50
Selling Lakers fans on a Westbrook for AD tradeCoolVacation432D🔥🗑30.20
Jared Dudley tried to warn us about how deep the Lakers were in January I dont think people understand how deep we are I was starting playoff games last year now Im 14th 15th man CokaWoooD👏🏻230.60
The Good guys vs the Bad guys all star teamsSenjuLivesD👎🏻70.42
As an objective Laker fan ask me anything for a honest and objective answerthrowawaynashville11D🔥🗑180.29
When did you realise the vast majority of this sub never plays organised basketball BoratFanD👎🏻110.44
is lebron better than magic johnson throwjaway1234D🔥🗑170.09
When is free agency starting IEatSnakesForLunchD🔥11.00
Middleton trade MakurMaker_KDplusKGD👏🏻100.50
Patrick McCaw 55 has won more playoff games than the Clippers franchise 53 Dxwalsh12D👏🏻80.58
Lebron in games 5-7 since his comeback against the 73 win warriors 36 11 8 5 2 1 on 66 TSrfedthegoatD👎🏻20.43
Does Harden actually cook the Warriors when he plays them Or are the good at neutralizing himImWaySmarterThanUlolD🔥30.80
LAC TOR IND 3 Way Trade IdeaCarreraLuR🔥31.00
Super Teams Who wins austgriffD👏🏻30.50
Wild trade that involves GSW LAC OKC and DETRicoGeminiR👏🏻230.54
Bruno Caboclo only needs 37 963 more points to surpass Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in all-time total pointskrazy4luv2D🔥10.80
Former 1st Lakers GM Sid Hartman passed away today according to his son He was 100 years old Karl_MND🔥11.00
OC How impressive was each scoring leaders performance for their time Single season scoring leaders vs leagues team avg scoring CoffeeandsodaD🔥41.00
OC Comparing single season scoring leaders to the league-wide teams average points - How does each performance stack up relative to the scoring of its time CoffeeandsodaR🔥11.00
Three years ago Doc Rivers talked Lou Will out of retirement056rza-D🔥41.00
Kevin Wayne Durant is 32 years old SpamStealD👎🏻210.36
Who is a better player now ZezimaStoleMyLunchD🔥🗑120.25
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