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Who says no Kyle Kuzma 11th Pick for Malik BeasleyNstbafrnlolD🔥🗑410.22
How was kyrie able to match curry on offense in their two finals matchups MrcrowbarThe4thD👎🏻120.40
X-Factor to the Trail Blazers success Different role players stepping up each gamefowaddaudD🔥21.00
Should the 76ers trade Ben Simmons JoJo ggarg100D🔥🗑230.23
GAME THREAD Milwaukee Bucks 3-0 Detroit Pistons 0-3 - April 22 2019 VinceJumpmanCarterR🔥01.00
Is Charles Barkley overrated as a top 20 player ever because he never won a ring Varnagel_1D👎🏻70.38
If MJ never played baseball how wouldve the legacies of Hakeem Olajuwon amp Scottie Pippen looked like Varnagel_1D🔥61.00
In the G4 post-game press conference Berry Tramel mistakenly claimed that OKC came back from a 3-1 series deficit against Memphis in 2014 The series was tied 2-2 after 4 games DangywyattD👎🏻220.33
Steph Curry is 1 of 8 players NBA history to have never won a Finals MVP despite multiple championship rings Steph has 3 amp multiples MVPs Steph has 2 Varnagel_1D🔥71.00
Playoffs too longPruchMSD🔥🗑200.13
Donovan Mitchell is taking 23 4 of his shots from 0-10 feet these playoffs Hes shooting 13 3 not a typo from that distance steph_flurrryD🔥50.75
Will Dwight Howard actually become a 1st ballot Hall of Famer Varnagel_1D👏🏻160.60
Anyone looking forward for all the NBA highlights tonights christomzyD🔥🗑70.08
Which player signing during 2010s would you have vetoed if you had the opportunity Varnagel_1D🔥201.00
Unpopular opinion Dame is cringe and tries too harddravenmain4848D🔥🗑330.12
Why is Pop celebrated for blowing off reporters questions while Russ has been crucified for it DanDaschillaD🔥780.73
Dennis Schroderbjsw534D🔥🗑340.18
Racist Kaiser Permanente CommercialmelomomD🔥🗑200.09
Why are people scrutinizing Westbrooks character based off bad games irrationalportionsR👏🏻130.55
Russel Westbrook killed my dogdsfvdhD👏🏻120.55
Serious Where do you rank Russell WestbrookRichLeopardD🔥🗑270.25
Is Kevin Durant the GOAT sidekick for playing next to Russell Westbrook amp Steph Curry Varnagel_1D🔥🗑270.17
Strange But True Ice Cubes the BIG3 not only pays its players more than the WNBA pay theirs but they both also received CBS broadcasting deals this month with the Big 3s deal being far superior Kelle_Embiid-SimmonsD🔥240.82
The reason everyone is posting about WestbrookRichLeopardD👏🏻10.50
Is Russell Westbrook III the worst Russell Westbrook ever BronswifeD🔥🗑80.22
Russell Westbrook or Gordon Hayward idronkcofferD🔥🗑240.25
Can mods ban all Westbrook posts until Game 5 looonspaceD👏🏻70.60
Do you believe Russell Westbrook is easily the 2nd best player of 2010s Varnagel_1D🔥🗑220.14
Serious Meta Why did the mods delete all the Curry hate threads but leave up the Westbrook and Harden ones ballinwe123D🔥🗑80.29
What to do w Westbrookblazer_10D👎🏻350.33
Westbrook Least Skilled Great Evermanofwater3615D👎🏻260.32
Is this the most criticism a player has took in a 24hr window gmann2k10D👎🏻230.43
Best way to watch playoff games in HD 1080p on a smart TV without a cable satellite provider WaterBottleBongD👏🏻170.67
Russell Westbrook has always been a 2 guard LARP-ing as a pointrtifishulD🔥🗑140.21
Is Westbrook EgoTrippin94D👎🏻240.38
NBA teams fear Steph Curry pulling up from 30 feet they fear Giannis athletism to get to the rim with ease they fear Harden in isolation creating space wherever he wants No one fears a Westbrook triple-double secritplaysR👏🏻190.52
Max Kellerman tooting is close to becoming the top postThomas_Foolery_D👏🏻60.67
Is Steven Adams actually way older than his listed age SpinLaFlameD🔥🗑80.29
New Rule If you are on the court no injury excuses LebornLebronD🔥🗑120.18
Serious Is Russell Westbrook uncoachable DFisBUSYD👏🏻350.50
Did Paul George make a mistake by not signing with the Lakers HAHAHAHALULD👎🏻890.39
Who will be better next year Toronto after Kawhi leaves or Indiana 2ndRoundEuroStashD👎🏻710.30
Steoretypical r NBA fanbases post your takes robeo12055R👏🏻50.57
Zion Williamson is already a better point guard than Westbrookgrunt60D🔥🗑160.15
I know its already well known but sports shows like First Take and Undisputed are so garbage Is there any thing that people realistically can do to change this riztheshizR👏🏻160.67
Putting some perspective into Lebrons first Finals run joebobpa33R👏🏻110.57
Which NBA team has the most annoying fanbase chiefwakaflocka2D🔥370.83
Possible careers for NBA stars analytics junkies NHoeR🔥01.00
Russell Westbrookchar44charD👏🏻70.50
If you could do an inception on a player who would you do it to and why MrcrowbarThe4thR👏🏻200.57
Do the blazers still regret screwing up their blatant attempt to dodge Russ and the Thunder PrlnceOfDarknessD🔥🗑40.25
When are we going to stop kidding with ourselves and admit Lonzo is better than Westbrook ParaagadeD🔥🗑380.23
Man all the hate on Russ im-kildD👏🏻250.63
Why isn t anyone talking about Westbrook s performance drumitholdsfiftyD👎🏻140.44
Permission to switch fandomF5_CameronD👎🏻240.38
Why does no one talk about how Michael Jordans defense was below average Breakdown RedSoxEatPoopD👏🏻350.57
Eastern conference more fun then westernsamiam0505D👎🏻160.36
Russell Westbrook should stop dismissing questionsUchimuraYokoD👎🏻110.45
Top 5 Players in the Playoffs so far with GradesLebornLebronD🔥🗑600.21
Russell Westbrook is the worst player in NBA historyCrobatGuanoD🔥🗑12
Anthony Davis created a monstergloomyglD🔥130.76
Russ has tarnished the tripple doubleCrushnrushD👎🏻270.36
I just rewatched The Neverending Story last night for the first time since I Was 7 BrowniebroD👎🏻10.33
If the Westbrook to GSW rumors are true what would the Warriors have to give up tylerw8999D👎🏻90.33
Gimme a dope long-form NBA video to watch on YouTube whilst I am more blazed than JR on a Friday MindTheEdgeD👎🏻50.33
Switch Russ with Giannis Bucks make ECF easy OKC losses in the 1st round LebornLebronD🔥🗑410.10
If Westbrook was a FA this offseason CrobatGuanoD🔥🗑29
Why do NBA fans dislike the Warriors Steph for the Durant move tylerw8999D🔥🗑160.25
Is Russell Westbrook the Donald Trump of the NBA baldwinmurrayD🔥🗑90.19
Late Night Thought LeBron Jamess MovieNerd-12D🔥41.00
Is Westbrook a starting caliber PG idronkcofferD🔥🗑200.29
Waive and stretch Westbrook idronkcofferD🔥🗑180.29
Should Westbrook be waived idronkcofferD👎🏻160.43
The OKC Thunder are very similar to the 90s Seattle SupersonicsReversalTheoryD🔥140.77
The DJ Augustin hate here is just disrespectfulKelle_Embiid-SimmonsD🔥20.71
The Kawhi hate here is just disrespectfulTheGranManD🔥🗑440.13
2019 Russell Westbrook or 2011 playoffs JJ Barea Who would you rather have sirbinalotD👏🏻50.50
We need a 2 5 point linechasejakeD👎🏻50.40
Technically if there was an expansion draft this year could the team build a superteam ZachOO69D👏🏻50.50
serious Is Dwight Howard a hof realgangstuffD👎🏻330.33
Russell Westbrook is a TERRIBLE postseason playertherockparmar5D👏🏻190.50
serious which team is most likely to trade for Blake Griffin OldmoutcidersD🔥381.00
What OKC needs to do during the off-season Michaelangel092D🔥240.75
Sources confirm that Burt Steele will pass away by 5 45 TuesdayMagicJokicI5D👎🏻50.33
Russ shoots jumper RIM Next questiontdurant18D👎🏻40.38
Michael Jordan would be dominated in todays NBA ayrsenD🔥🗑170.19
You guys shouldnt shit on Westbrook too hard Soviet_CatD👏🏻360.55
Reminder that Paul George is injured and Andre Roberson is outdravenmain4848D🔥🗑520.17
How do I get a Jamal Murray flair Jamal-MurrayD🔥30.83
Gordon Hayward no way WhatTheFiqhD👏🏻120.58
Dame and CJ appreciation postSalim1238D🔥30.83
Why did the Nuggets trade Gobert and Mitchell They would have been amazing together MagicJokicI5D🔥🗑410.27
Westbrook vs DamesummersoulxddD🔥320.81
Whys Damian Lillard ranked higher than Russell Westbrook despite very little playoff success Varnagel_1D🔥🗑510.11
Is Russell vs Barry Trammel Round 4 out yet RichPauID🔥110.90
Serious Can we finally discuss Adams vs Capela now Who do you believe is better and why goat0D👏🏻520.65
Video Request for Dame s assist to HarklessTwoweekswithpayD🔥41.00
pic of the cute okc fan that was sad pls someonePlokooonD👏🏻70.60
If Westbrook deserved an MVP why didnt Monta Ellis or Jerry Stackhouse idronkcofferD🔥🗑220.24
Harden vs WestbrookDubCity_30-23-35-11D👎🏻160.40
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