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Westbrook the only one out here playing like its a real gameevanslistD👏🏻150.68
PSA If you don t want to listen to Marv Albert TBS is airing the game with Players Onlysimtek34D🔥110.92
Maybe after tonight the NBA will make the decisionAlzarazD🔥60.92
I think I am obsessed with Luka DoncicVrozini_YTD🔥🗑60.29
Bucks All-Stars Giannis amp Middleton combine for 28 points in the 1st quarterPestyAssassin33WU93D🔥71.00
If Ben Simmons makes a three we spam MVP votes83n0D👏🏻90.69
Middleton the goatYeezy6969D🔥100.79
Why does the crowd seem so dead TrumpsNotThatBadD🔥160.89
Allstar pregamedaedae11R🔥11.00
Is Charlotte asleep or somethingKoloHickoryD🔥120.91
National anthemLbmBurnerD👎🏻60.43
Anthony HamiltonPythagorasNTD👏🏻310.55
Megathread r NBA s 2nd Annual 2019 All-Star Game Marv Albert Mistake Listwassup-dawgD🔥60.96
Now that Jordan is still the GOAT after the Lebron era how many more generations do you think hell still have the crown CJMustardD👏🏻80.50
Static on broadcastvteshjD🔥180.97
Is Siakam the most valuable under-26 asset in the league KCborn78D🔥🗑80.09
Why is TNTs audio issues still happening Simer1003D🔥111.00
Is James Harden really the GOAT flopper Corporal_Snorkel69D👎🏻390.40
Game Thread 2019 NBA All-Star Game_SotiroD_D🔥51.00
Game Thread All-Star Sunday Night 8 00PM ET RidickurusD🔥21.00
2019 NBA all star game temporary game threadBalls_of_AdamanthiumD🔥370.85
Serious Bad teams with bad owners will never be good so should the NBA create a policy that forces them to sell the team after 15 bad years banana_ghoulD👎🏻560.44
Game Thread Team LeBron 1-0 vs Team Giannis 0-0 Rockstar408D👎🏻260.40
Why is Lebron considered better than Kobe SinepdnaAnigavD🔥🗑560.26
Stephen A smith and goodburgerRonald6990D🔥🗑20.20
What are Siakams chances of one day being the GOAT RidickurusD👎🏻170.44
Is Siakam the most valuable under-25 asset in the league KCborn78D👎🏻80.33
NBAcom Kawhi Leonard on Toronto Raptors I think we have a good chance of getting to the Finals NewsdawesdeR👏🏻130.53
Help choosing between 2 betsMrDee97R👏🏻60.67
Why is this sub filled with Please tell me a player on my team is good threads arunescaper75D👏🏻340.57
Basketball Shoes VS TrayToTheLR🔥51.00
Siakim vs tatum vs doncicTerribleVegetableD🔥🗑600.16
Unpopular opinionterez45D🔥🗑160.18
Definitive top 10KingJohn67D🔥🗑320.22
Why does everyone on this sub get pissed and butthurt if you make a list comparing two players bigboxguyD🔥🗑520.18
ls there a tendency to harshly judge players solely on their elimination games gmann2k10D🔥340.78
DAngelo Russell in 2019 24 4 8 with shooting of 46 40 87 The Nets are 13-8 in 2019 AbdulGOATD🔥150.78
Why is the 3PT contest only 2 rounds PortlandSweptD🔥101.00
Jayson Tatum will end up being a better player than Michael Jordan himselfKingJohn67D🔥🗑140.25
Is Steph Curry unclutch HAHAHAHALULD🔥🗑240.15
Luka Appears OverweightdpkhannaD👎🏻70.33
Who is a better player Ben Wallace or Paul Pierce Varnagel_1D👏🏻70.50
Giannis had cornrowsFancyDabs2018D👏🏻110.65
Could the NBA do a 4 team playoff for the number 1 pick bobbydigital_ftwD🔥🗑60.20
What s up with Reggie Miller man ayyebrosefD👎🏻50.33
Whos the best active player that Michael Jordan could beat right now at 56 years old mrguisterD👏🏻70.50
Hey someone please help Im typing this with my eyes squinted to avoid spoilers Any way to watch the events from earlier today yesterday Dunk contest 3 points etc YOU_DIDNT_EARN_THISR👏🏻140.67
Question If youre standing still while receiving a ball then you start dribbling is that considered a double dribble lange1815D🔥190.80
Dunk contests participants who get traded at the deadlinevanilluhwaferD👏🏻70.50
RIDICULOUS level of MJ vs LeBron discussions in today s media Duncandoit21D👏🏻50.50
Can someone explain to me why LeBron James is universally considered a greater great than Tim Duncan igotkristapsD👎🏻490.39
Allstar ideajack2047D👎🏻90.44
Wes Matthews in his 441 games before ACL tear 82 dunks In his 262 games after 3 dunks ragtime_samD🔥51.00
Wouldnt be shocked to learn that Joe Harris went right back to watch film or put in work in the weight room after winning the 3 point contest He just looks like the type of guy to do that jacket_accountD🔥🗑90.14
5 people just shot in Cancun Should Westbrook still go there when the season is over PRO2A69D🔥🗑290.09
Was Zion created in the lab to push the Zionist agenda trainfbhb3D👎🏻100.40
Unpopular Opinion Small market teams should be stripped of their privileges to host All Star gamestummysquekerD🔥🗑140.06
Besides Jayson Tatum which current NBA players have baby faces and or weak chins AmadeusCrumbD👎🏻160.47
Can we switch the Dunk contest to a Finishing Contest that includes Dunks Layups handles getting to the rim etc JasonH0711D🔥🗑100.25
Dunkers should ask guys like Rudy gobert and Jarrett Allen to attempt to block their dunks in the contestIKnowEverythingtbhD👏🏻230.67
Anyone know why Kevin Love has played 6 games this season philla12345678D👎🏻60.43
Serious The Dunk Contest should be a triennial event The_Natural_LogD👎🏻160.38
Reminder that just a few months ago we thought Hamidou Diallo had a season-ending injuryannpalominoD🔥100.90
Why was Kemba Walker in the 3pt contest PRO2A69D🔥🗑70.20
The dunk contest is becoming worse and worse because everything has been done before PortlandSweptD🔥480.79
You should be allowed to posterize people in the dunk contestjawadhaque089D👏🏻180.64
Unpopular opinion43598o4gjrD🔥🗑140.21
Dunk Contest Worst in HistoryProphetBagleyD👎🏻410.48
This crowd is the reason you dont have AS games in small market cities PortlandSweptD👎🏻80.31
NBA All Star EventsGlydeTheClydeD🔥61.00
Slam Dunk Contest Judging Needs ChangedhypeDouglasD👏🏻90.64
Dunk contest has to goThefeature33D👎🏻140.46
You ve been selected for the Dunk Contest What s the best dunk you come up with DannyS333R👏🏻350.56
They should have performance dunker vs NBA dunkers next year procouchpotatohereD👎🏻30.33
Dunk contest judges ruined the event this yearJohnsWallD🔥90.92
Dunk CompetitionhedgefundfoundD🔥🗑90.17
The Dunk Contest is dead MelGibsonDerpD👎🏻160.33
Are players not allowed to keep their trophies GalantisXR🔥51.00
Sam Presti has done it againSilversleagueD👎🏻80.33
Post Game Thread Slam Dunk Championship - Hamidou Diallo defeats Dennis Smith Jr in the final roundtwistedlogicxD🔥1910.94
Every year we say the dunk contest is the worst ever And we are right every timeSweaty_LeBronD👏🏻270.57
So does anyone still find these jumping over celebrities dunks fun at all OG_Wan_AnnunobyR👏🏻220.52
Once again there were no guitar solo slam dunks in the dunk contest this yeartide_reflects_skyD🔥🗑10.25
The Dunk Contest is Played OutDrWolvesD👎🏻320.42
Is Diallo actually Superman Mimi108D👎🏻30.33
Dunk ContestCrawwdaddyyD🔥31.00
Candace cant see out of one eyefartsinthedarkD👏🏻40.55
Shoud ve just cancelled Slam Dunk this year liesandthetruthD👏🏻180.54
Who the thot beside Paul GeorgepackersSB54champsD🔥🗑190.28
Did anyone see what looked like Dennis Smith passing a vape pen to the Asian guy on the bench DeputyDandyD👎🏻140.32
Each participant obviously had 4 dunks planned for the contest Why not let each player do all four dunks and combine all of the scores for the winner LiveLaterTonightD🔥80.81
3pt contest needs to get rid of money balls fam PRO2A69D🔥🗑100.27
What are the shows Dennis Smith is wearing aletagoraD👎🏻130.33
Serious question why do people talk about hang time like its a skill trainfbhb3D🔥🗑220.27
Has Hamidou just saved the sport of basketball forever OpinionatedCanadianD🔥330.78
So jermain Cole maxhxeroviiD👏🏻50.61
The camera work has been atrociousUngrateful_ReplyD👎🏻30.40
Who came up with John Collins dunk Yup767D🔥100.80
LETS GO J COLEZachOO69D🔥120.95
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