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Fiba World Cup Mythical Team eduvinaD🔥21.00
During Jerry Stackhouse s rookie season he apparently said he could play Michael Jordan one-on-one In their first meeting Jordan was guarded by Stackhouse for the majority of the game and proceeded to drop a season-high 48 points on him winking at tSlats7R🔥11.00
Chill out about the world cupIsKevinHomeD👏🏻30.50
Did LeBron never play against a top 15 player OAT in their prime during playoffs Varnagel_1D🔥🗑230.29
Why is Dirk Nowitzki not seen as top 10 player of all time for his 2011 NBA title rixxxxerD🔥🗑100.20
Jordan faced 9 hall of famers his whole finals career Lebron has faced 26 so far Simply a mind boggling statMJhasLJpostersD🔥🗑100.27
Why do have people issue with KD joining GSW when its just pure business rixxxxerD🔥🗑360.26
Bojan Bogdanovic is averaging 22 4 5 on 55 52 77 splits during this World Cup Zenyx_D🔥21.00
Colangelo wont forget U S World Cup pulloutskingofthewildsD🔥150.79
Non repaint forex indicatorakash9887D🔥🗑50.29
Team USA deseveres the bad luck for not picking up CarmeloBrandonS101D👎🏻320.35
If we havent learned by now talent needs chemistry in order to reach its potential Lazarus704D🔥🗑90.25
What would happen if you pitted the 2020 Dems vs the 2016 Republicans in a 5-on-5 matchup KindSolutionD👏🏻140.60
35 years ago today the Chicago Bulls signed their No 1 draft pick Michael Jordan OnlyMyCouchPullsOut_D👎🏻40.44
Donovan Mitchell average 12 7 PPG on 53 1 TSWeed233D👏🏻20.50
Why does Kevin Durant have a Twitter avatar of a white boy playing baseball rixxxxerD🔥🗑330.24
Kobe calls out a little girl for going to a dance recital instead of working on her game16ringsupinmycocinaD👎🏻10.33
Is LeBron James legacy stained for never winning FIBA World Championship rixxxxerD🔥🗑130.29
Bogdon Bogdanovic puts up 28 4 6 on 10 16 shooting to beat Team USATooDeepForTheIntroD🔥70.85
Is prime Danny Green comparable or still a tier lower than prime Klay Thompson michaelcabardoD🔥🗑220.21
32 - 7 at the end of the first quarter in serbia vs usa has to be the worst quarter in american basketball history doesnt it justchill76D🔥31.00
Myles Turner needs to stop talking and start playing maddeningIgnoranceR👏🏻00.67
Who is higher on the all-time list Melo or Alex English IheartMagikarpR🔥01.00
Which 1 country could challenge US if given investment gmann2k10R🔥21.00
Best follows CloudfulR🔥🗑5
Sigh Im back So someone said I was trolling this sub Me right now https imgur com 43DXow3 did I do this right princessoffoolsD👏🏻00.50
Is James Harden nowhere close to surpass Allen Iverson as of today rixxxxerR🔥01.00
Which move is most controversial KD to GSW or Antonio Brown joining the Patriots rixxxxerD👏🏻110.50
If Pump Fakes and Pass Fakes Were Illegal How Would it Affect the Stats Kings4TheWinD👎🏻120.45
I talk too much Can girls like the NBA too princessoffoolsD🔥🗑23
In your opinion has LeBron James surpassed Michael Jordan as the GOAT rixxxxerD👎🏻430.42
Whats the GOAT team you can assemble by just ring chasers rixxxxerD👏🏻40.50
GAME THREAD Poland v Czech Republic Class Games 5-8 NBA_MODR🔥01.00
tl dr LeBron dunksgodhatD🔥41.00
A player should wear clown shoes during a gamechoccychippancakesD👎🏻60.40
Kobe Bryant makes lengthy IG post about the girls basketball team that he coaches Names them his fourth place winners and questions the motivation of a 7th grade player who couldn t make practice over a dance recital nikeboyz00D🔥41.00
Do you think all Vince Carter in his prime could do was dunk rixxxxerD🔥🗑110.18
A-F NBA Tier ListLecanver483D🔥🗑210.15
LeBron James has scored the most points post-9 11 AMaizeZenD👎🏻80.30
Is Dennis Rodman much more of a Chicago Bulls legend than being a Piston legend rixxxxerD🔥80.75
NBA 2019-20 Most intriguing starting lineups for every NBA teamLecanver483D👎🏻140.44
Kobe Is a Glorified Pete MaravichLonnieWalkerVD🔥🗑250.29
Update to r nbastreams situationrealmhsnD👏🏻70.50
With all those assets how does the Celtics manage to keep getting worse Ainge needs to go all out and not hoard picks a pokedex KingsBallSacR🔥31.00
Do you think the 2018 Rockets would have beaten the 2016 Cavs and 2019 Raptors Ssumday_is_loveD🔥210.83
Was Kevin Durant an underachiever at OKC since he never won an NBA title rixxxxerD👏🏻90.50
Pull yourselves together peopleReal-2-RealD👎🏻160.38
Do NBA stars withdraw from the FIBA World Cup as opposed to the Olympics because media networks dont care or is it the other way around bronsonyoungD👏🏻30.50
USA has a chip on their shoulder now for the OLMPYICSJeffo1234D🔥🗑10.29
Has Kawhi Leonard easily surpassed James Harden in all-time ranking after winning 2019 Championship Varnagel_1D👎🏻200.44
The Charlotte Hornets got the Biggest Steal in NBA Draft HistorysoxfaninfinityD👏🏻40.50
Spida can t win a World Cup with those cats OjaiCaliforniaD🔥120.86
Is Tim Duncan overrated as a top 10 player of all time He never won Olympic Gold medal for USA rixxxxerD👎🏻40.33
Is Tim Duncan overrated as a top 10 player of all time He never won Olympic Gold medel for USA rixxxxerD👏🏻20.50
Where does Kemba Walker s contract rank among the worst contracts in the league DinwiddiesDongD🔥🗑110.18
Is this a good time to remind everyone the sleaziness that led to Pop being the Spurs head coach ClickClackKobeShaqD👎🏻630.41
In 2019 the USA didnt win the NBA World Championship or the FIBA Basketball World CupAussieReportD🔥20.73
Rudy Gobert finishes the game against USA with 21 points 16 rebounds and 3 blocks to lead France to an incredible victory against team USA NitroXYZD🔥30.88
France just beat team USAD0minicanD🔥🗑70.25
At 3 quarter time Donovan Mitchell has 29 points on 60 shooting from the field The next highest scorer for team USA has 11 USA lead France by 3 NitroXYZD🔥40.91
Kemba Walker currently has 3pts with 5mins left in the 3rd quarter vs France Team USA is currently down by 6pts urashaD👏🏻160.68
Team USA bigs in the first half vs France 0 points 1 rebound 0 assists 1 block in 14 minuteslil_intro_vert_D🔥41.00
Mes chers compatriotes koalasamaD👎🏻20.33
Mes chers compatriotes koalasamaD🔥11.00
A possible solution to Ben Simmons shot sinsaeD👏🏻20.50
Why Grizzlies Refusing to Engage in Buyout Talks with Andre Iguodala iSportsAPID👎🏻90.30
I just realized how good Brooklyn nets isperkincenterR🔥01.00
Insert good player is my dad Real-2-RealR👏🏻70.60
Any chance KD is in the closet and that is main source of angst Real-2-RealD🔥🗑110.25
Why is there a Bernie Sanders ad when I m scrolling through this sub agipe34D👏🏻90.50
Who will win the Bradley Beal sweepstakes RationalObserver23R🔥51.00
Would Kawhi already surpassed Kevin Durant if the latter never joined Warriors rixxxxerD👏🏻50.50
Celtics 17-4 in the finals Lakers 16-15 Which is better badpizzaisstillgoodD👏🏻190.50
In 2013 Kevin Durant donate 1M to Oklahoma tornado disaster reliefrixxxxerD🔥260.72
Has there been a more useless player to play in the league than Devin Booker NeedARingLikeDeRozanD👎🏻50.31
Why has Russell Westbrook stopped taking OKC to the 2nd round since 2016 rixxxxerD👎🏻50.43
KD complaining about how petty OKC is ridiculous Reddit_student123D👏🏻220.50
If Durant never gets his jersey retired by OKC he can always get retired by the Sonics if when they come back DgeneratteD🔥🗑18
The NBA sucksRaybevD👎🏻120.40
James HardenCbBrown88D👎🏻100.33
Durant felt the Warriors hit their ceiling with their motion offense Wanted more ISO XavienttD🔥230.71
Durant felt the Warriors hit their ceiling with motion offense Wanted more ISO XavienttR🔥11.00
Lebron James has a higher 2P and 3P than Michael JordanakushdakyngD🔥🗑80.13
Honestly who got more blame after leaving LeBron or KD Ssumday_is_loveD🔥🗑160.25
Argentina loots the locker room after the gamesomagol40891R🔥11.00
Which active players could make the Hall of Fame when they retire Arthurs_BoiD🔥101.00
Yayayyaya USA wins WC again Carrythefire511D🔥🗑50.11
FIBA World Cup MVPtrishowskyD👎🏻100.40
Post a foreign teams logo and let others create NBA-style names for the team based on the look of it from r hockey SharksFanAbroadD👏🏻00.50
GAME THREAD Argentina v Spain Quarter-Final NBA_MODR🔥21.00
Help For School ProjectLuukBlankD🔥40.75
Australians how big is the NBL in Australia How does the fan support the for NBL compare to the NBA choccychippancakesR🔥01.00
Show your support for Carmelo Anthony by wearing this Free Guacamelo T shirtKlaysToasterR👏🏻90.60
Bleacher Report Dennis Rodman says listening to Pearl Jam saves saved his life TwoweekswithpayR🔥51.00
blake griffin being savageneptune383D🔥🗑20.25
hey homies I would really appreciate if you coulf just click the link below you aint gotta sign up or any bs like that THANKS Dmoney60076D👎🏻20.40
What team s are you most scared of in your conference KARL-MALONE-A-BlTCHD🔥61.00
Which NBA player reminds you most of Antonio Brown Sti8man7D👏🏻180.50
For the next 5 years your teams roster has to be replaced by either Team A or Team B which one do you choose and why coziestmind28D🔥91.00
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