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For all the Bitchin and Moaning Thus Sub Does About ESPN KARL-MALONE-A-BlTCHD🔥20.75
Week 4 Standings Prediction based on Pythagorean Expectation JTenjouNiR🔥01.00
Prime Demarcus Cousins or Current state KAT Jodiev12D🔥🗑14
13 year old Luka Doncic had 54 pts 11 rebs 10 assts amp won MVP in an under-13 Lido di Roma tournament championship gamebackhaircomboverR👏🏻50.55
How I would improve the NBAs regular season and incentive problemsbiasedandcontrarianD👎🏻40.43
Do you think Luka Doncic can handle the speed strength and Athleticism of NBA players IceColdVeganMilkD🔥🗑30.13
Paul George is having a better season statistically than Michael Jordans last MVP season Bol-Bol-Bol-Bol-BolD👎🏻100.31
Is Ray Allen the best player to never get their number retired for a team PM_ME_UR_GRO0LR🔥01.00
Spurs front office needs to step downgotoriceD👎🏻70.33
Raptors gameAlucard625D👏🏻00.50
D angelo Russell to LA wolfjeterD👏🏻20.50
Is it me Or does JaMychal Green travel at least twice every game csinR🔥21.00
Scott Foster got 134 phone calls from Tim Donaghy in a 6 month period 121 more calls then any other Refbar388D🔥110.86
Quality NBA Recaps bakedwellD👎🏻30.33
How bad are the Spurs dwightshruteeD🔥81.00
Are people going to complain about non stop Luka Dongcic posts now WGUwasamistakeD👎🏻10.33
Do people still deny montrezl harrell isn t better than Draymond Green stephen301D🔥🗑230.20
NBA ratings have tanked to start the season Last year only 12 nationally televised games failed to have over a million viewers on TNT or ESPN This year nine already have Ronaldo1039D🔥450.70
Post Game Thread Los Angeles Clippers 9-5 defeat Oklahoma City Thunder 5-8 by a score of 89 - 88 from Paul George dagger in a low scoring affairNyhroxD👎🏻90.40
Luka is so damn good and so damn fun to watch tryguy15D🔥🗑23
are the clippers not as good as we thought they were reaper11ngtonD🔥🗑160.18
Dear Russ and James Thank you for making the NBA fun again TellMetheCostD👎🏻70.30
New 76ers city jersey leaks in online store day before it was set to be officially unveiled Pyromania1983R👏🏻50.67
Last 3 games for Kristaps Porzingis 19 ppg 12rpg 1 3 bpgglansberg_stephenR👏🏻40.67
The Clippers rank 1st in attendance 152 544 and the Lakers rank 2nd 151 976 siakamsD🔥61.00
Whos the best white player HRCsFavoriteSlaveD👎🏻160.40
Houston Dont Let It HappenTEDOG1232D🔥🗑50.25
Lebron Fans silversurfer35D🔥🗑200.22
Do you think last years wirriirs would the clear favorite this year like they were last year shaheenmickaelD👎🏻40.33
What if 3 pointers were worth 4 points and 2 pointers were worth 3 basketballgearsD👏🏻310.59
Will Clippers stop with load management after No Nut November ends _underrated_D🔥31.00
Donovan Inefficient Chucker Mitchell finishes the game against Minnesota with 17 points on 5 24 shooting from the field NitroXYZR👏🏻100.55
Are the Spurs already out of playoff contention lookImDurantHissssssD👏🏻260.50
To Be a Mavs Fan OhhWowzersD🔥270.75
Funny how Paul George isn t doing no load management and Kawhi isRonaldo1030D🔥🗑220.16
Request Luka passes while fallen over to assist a cutting Seth Curry to ice the game WarpableD👎🏻130.40
Laker fan report Tatum puts up a monster statline of 26 11 on 53 FG and 38 from 3 tillus1D👎🏻230.40
Post Game Thread The Boston Celtics 11-2 defeat Aron Baynes and The Phoenix Suns 7-5 Final Score 99-85airmagswagD🔥441.00
What a random drug test really is visually-createD👎🏻170.48
What do I do when I get harassed by Celtics fans for a post I made tillus1D👎🏻390.38
Luka now has the only 40 point triple double in Mavs history NiceLeadYouHaveThereD🔥90.94
Kawhi for Derozan has to be the Worst Trade off all timeRonaldo1030D🔥🗑370.28
Giannis Antetekunmpo is averaging 1 airballed freethrow per game this season fuckingblackmaleD🔥710.89
Fred VanVleets Stats TodayFineDouble2D🔥🗑110.15
How can James Harden even be considered for MVP when hes playing along side another MVP LeBronCumInMeD🔥🗑90.15
Excluding the Warriors are the Spurs the worst CURRENT NBA team in the league dwightshruteeD👎🏻90.40
Are the Spurs the worst team in the NBA currently dwightshruteeD🔥🗑110.20
Why hasnt anybody been able to hit 60 HRs since Barry Bonds and Sammy Sosa in 2001 AKoreanEngimaD👏🏻240.59
For those who think Harden is a absolutely horrendous playoff performer let s look at the facts objectivelyJch1999UGAD👎🏻320.40
one way to watch game when you outside likeaphoeniriseD🔥🗑30.13
Highlight Request Porzingis sassy clapping at Doncic around 7 55 left in 3rd QuarterMooseHorse123D🔥220.83
Post-Game Thread The New York Knicks 3-10 defeat the Cleveland Cavaliers 4-8 123-105 lotusbloom74D🔥01.00
Why are people so critical of James Harden shooting YouTube-Tymadman999D👎🏻390.33
Except for MVP First Team All Pro is the most impresive accoladeEl-ReplicanteD👏🏻40.63
would you let shaq control your printer elGallanteD🔥50.73
For those who remember which is more effective Kobes trips to Germany or Lebrons trips to Miami dooronD👎🏻150.38
Rockets Blazers Announcers Are StupidJJSUAV3D👏🏻60.50
Nets only have 35 points at the half vs the PacersIgloo433D🔥161.00
Could J Harden average 50 PPG if he didnt go to s clubs and focused on the game ArcAngel2kD👎🏻20.33
How tonights Blazers vs Rockets game will enddenali4evaD🔥🗑180.28
Dwight Howard is the BurNIng of the NBAthrowawayrandomguy93D🔥🗑20.20
People that complain about laker highlights Lurkking69D👏🏻50.67
Mavs team morale is unreal right nowBayonettaBasherD👎🏻40.38
James Harden has made more three-pointers this season than the Atlanta Hawks in the 1979-80 1980-81 amp 1981-82 seasons combinedSlats7D🔥60.83
Are Stockton shorts here to stay for the foreseeable future DevinKurant7D👎🏻120.43
Heat team morale is unreal right nowJewRepublican69D👏🏻260.62
Kyle Kuzma is shooting 47 from three within the last 5 gamesLecanver483D👏🏻130.63
Conspiracy theory the Nets organization is a front for an international crime syndicatePocminD🔥430.72
Non-Lebron Non-Lakers Team Threadund3rc0v3rbr0th4D🔥🗑300.29
Can we all agree now that Draymond Green has been the most overrated player in the NBA for the last couple of years BrndyAlxndrD👎🏻390.38
The new NBA requirement for forcing healthy high-profile players to play in nationally televised games is stupid Pyromania1983D🔥🗑380.26
Isn t it to early to say who has had an easy schedule or not TatumBoomedMeD🔥130.71
Someone should inform NBA COM Kyrie Irving singed with Brooklyn Nets and is no longer a member of Boston Celtics hopopoD🔥180.80
Aaron GordonStormgamer21_11D👏🏻100.50
Jammer Ant has the potential to be the clutchest player in NBA historyJokicGoatedR👏🏻160.53
Can Lebron James average a triple double for a season if he really tries ssj4rabD👏🏻270.50
What if he is really Chinese and the James is a lie and his name is Le Bron clingklopD👏🏻60.50
Why is Draymond green given a pass for his horrible season Starlord_whoD👎🏻400.47
Old Men Stat Leadersbchancellor97D🔥60.80
A counter point to there being numerous Lebron and Laker posts the entire last season this sub trashed LebronbigbodyboinkyD👎🏻160.42
The Nuggets new rainbow skyline jersey has leakedDownisthenewup87D🔥190.90
The Golden State Warriors have lost 7 out of the last 8 During that stretch Draymond Green has averaged 6 PPG 4 6 APG 6 RPG 1 1 SPG 0 5 BPG on 31 28 66 shooting splits LeBronBlackedAyeshaD🔥11.00
Is DHGate any good for jerseys MasterIvesIsBaeD🔥🗑18
The Cleveland Cavaliers have won 5 out of their last 10 games During that stretch Dylan Windler has averaged 0 0 PPG 0 0 APG 0 0 RPG 0 0 SPG 0 0 BPG on 00 00 00 shooting splitsrioleyvaD🔥🗑100.27
Hear me out for a second coolandschmidtD🔥🗑80.29
To the people sick of laker posts _Dick_Whitman_R🔥01.00
Thoughts on kuzma Harden-Is-A-BumD👏🏻210.50
Lets talk Trae Young shooting long distance 3s with a 16 seconds left on the shot clock badpizzaisstillgoodD👎🏻60.33
LeBrons New Warm- UP Playlist Banger NO LOOK PASS by Vantablac SOLVantablacSOLD🔥🗑20.11
Why are prospects choosing 1 year at college over the G-League kyriosdominusD👏🏻90.50
Aron Baynes or Deandre Ayton Semmy1916R🔥51.00
Is basket interference called if a player jumps to the rim and blows REALLY HARD on the ball SUND_FD🔥60.80
Which is worse minocah19D🔥31.00
Just watched LaMelo Ball play live AMAhello_taraaD🔥151.00
Will Stephen curry still be top 25 if GSW does not make playoffs this year perkincenterD🔥🗑210.22
Everyone is amazed with Lebrons 12 assists 0 turnover game but he wasnt even the first one this season to do that JewRepublican69D🔥🗑40.25
Is it weird to ship Bronny James and with one of Kobes daughters mangolink123D👎🏻120.33
Why LeBron Loves Carusowhosnick7R👏🏻20.67
LeBron Year 17InbetweenerLadD🔥🗑80.14
If scientists came out tomorrow and announced that the world would end in 5 years due to global warming what would happen in the NBA sdlotusD👎🏻180.44
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