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Is Bobans nickname just Bobi kaptainboratD👎🏻130.38
A realistic Bradly Beel trade idea with the Nets who are desperately trying to win a chip with Durant Kyrie JordanWCDubyaBoiD👎🏻210.43
Some NBA teams as emojisnoicebruh420D🔥🗑100.21
1 M Johnson 2 Jordan 3 Lebron James 4 Tim Duncan 5 Kareem How would you approach offense AcneChestD🔥290.75
To Anyone who says I want Lebron to have a 27 7 7 game HauptlD🔥🗑40.08
Who is the best stretch 4 in the leagueZOxZIONxBID🔥760.75
From 2011-2016 Chris Paul wasted his prime years essentially committing career suicide with the LA ClippersobjectsubjectlyD👎🏻60.33
If the refs dont rig it Jazz beats Lakerskib35D🔥🗑170.25
Why do people call Steven curry humble when he s the least humble person in nba history EverydayIsPissDayD🔥🗑130.29
Unpopular opinion Damian Lillard is the most overrated star in the NBA The Portland Trailblazers overhyped this season due to the collapse of Oklahoma City mentally via WestbrookLilBawsD🔥🗑160.29
Serious Do you think we will ever see a player that makes a 3-point layup floater a part of their skillset see description for video example ClevBlewA3-1LeadD👏🏻120.67
The Knicks last playoff game sreekvish123D🔥20.75
Pistol Pete Maravich Predicted His Own Death TEDOG1232D👏🏻00.50
Trade Idea Hayward for Adamswww123xD🔥71.00
The NBA mishandled the Donald Sterling controversy he shouldnt have been forced to sell his team SkiIIs_D🔥🗑480.21
I don t have a favorite NBA team butalbrynaD🔥🗑530.29
Top 5 Weirdest NBA Players From The 1990 sTEDOG1232D🔥🗑90.25
r mkebucks vs r torontoraptors stat by stat comparisonbronwagonD🔥660.72
Should it possible for a team to pay out a max contract fully in the first year and then have the player play for free for the rest of the years The_Natural_LogD🔥🗑160.27
Peppa pig shouldnt be the main focus of next draft her dad should be dobirfD🔥01.00
Lebron lead the 2017 playoffs in ppg and had a True Shooting percentage 10 league average No other player of the modern era has done the same in the playoffsRogfedinpeepeesD🔥70.80
Before Lebron reportedly injured his hand post game 1 of the 2018 NBA Finals he was averagig 35 ppg on 62 5 TS over 19 playoff gamesRogfedinpeepeesD👏🏻60.50
Lebron s postseason dominanceJawKneeNitroD👏🏻30.61
Kobe Bryant is a HaikuIsKevinHomeR👏🏻80.56
Wins Lost After Player Left Their TeamfuneverdoneD🔥80.71
1990 Tough Era East vs 2016 Cakewalk East funeverdoneD👎🏻60.30
Mj was 1-9 in his first ten playoff gamesZOxZIONxBID👎🏻80.38
From their expansion year in 1968 the Suns never went more than 3 straight seasons w out playoffs appearance for 45 years Theyve had exciting MVPs like Barkley Nash We all know they deserved the chip in 2007 Until this decade the Suns were a top 10 NBWCDubyaBoiD👎🏻30.35
Jason Terry averaged more points on higher percentages than LeBron James in the 2011 NBA FinalsSlats7D👏🏻10.50
Harden Gay Cousins Love SessionsPennyHardawaysD🔥180.86
What did Bryant do in a state to the right of Utah ZOxZIONxBID🔥🗑20.20
LeBron over Jordan in all major statistical categoriesfuneverdoneD🔥🗑570.20
LeBron averaged more points in his FIRST playoff series than Kobe Bryant did in any playoff series in his careerfuneverdoneD👎🏻190.38
LeGoat jamesZOxZIONxBID🔥🗑40.25
Cavs Playoff Leaders 15-18 vs Bulls Playoff Leaders 96-98funeverdoneD👎🏻40.42
Lebron JamesJavaleMcGee123D🔥🗑20
2009 LeBron amp Kobe vs ORL POSTSEASONfuneverdoneD👎🏻260.48
LeBron 2018 Playoffs vs Kobe BEST INDIVIDUAL Playoff yrs he s ever hadfuneverdoneD👎🏻160.42
LeBron James led TOTAL in at least 3 of these categories PTS REBS AST WS for the ENTIRE Playoffs 5 Different TimesfuneverdoneD👏🏻80.68
ShOuLd We WoRrY aBoUt Ja MoRaNt S hEaLtHZOxZIONxBID🔥🗑170.12
Lebron vs Kobe vs Jordan age 34 seasons funeverdoneD🔥🗑320.29
Serious LeBron James backwards is semaJ norBeL jarn54D👏🏻210.61
End this argument please ByszerD🔥🗑100.20
Realistically how long can Lebron play in the league TattarnD🔥161.00
How good this line up vs 2017 warriorsBrandoiTheBrokenD🔥🗑60.29
Best R NBA insiders RDAmbitiousD👎🏻70.40
lebron jamesmistermilkdudsD👎🏻90.43
Favorite players to use in 2k flamagraburnerD👏🏻30.50
LeBron James is quite good at the sport of basketballImRBJR🔥31.00
Is Kevin Durant the only superstar player ever with beta mentality rixxxxerD🔥🗑130.21
Theres a football saying that sometimes youre one injury away from being a better team Does this apply to any NBA teams in the upcoming season kobmugD👏🏻40.50
List of my top 1000 NBA players of all timeDeRozan_dropped_81D👎🏻230.47
Content from this sub stolen on IG shocker right yeetanddeleteD👎🏻30.40
Big eliteMrmuffin2413R🔥11.00
What does it say about Lakers fan that they welcomed a known rapist with open arms PennyHardawaysD👎🏻90.33
espn bypassDaDerpyDudeR👏🏻30.67
Did Jordan retire for good in 2003 because he knew Lebron was coming Bronsexual_BandwagonD🔥🗑160.26
Who has the biggest Dlck in NBA history Sleeves_of_BradfordD👏🏻180.50
Who are the most overpaid free agents of this off season GalacticSwashbucklerD👎🏻200.38
META People who contribute well researched interesting OC - why do you post it here lebronguzzlemyjazzD🔥🗑110.27
Who has the biggest Dlck in NBA history Sleeves_of_BradfordD👏🏻250.59
Is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar ridiculously overrated in the GOAT-conversation rixxxxerD👎🏻190.30
When will Steven A Smith return to ESPN Varnagel_1D👎🏻140.40
If KD retired in OKC with 0 rings amp 0 FMVPs where would he be in all-time ranking Varnagel_1R🔥31.00
Unpopular Prediction Curry is going to 3-peat MVPs win 2 more chips and finals MVPs BudgetBerryD🔥🗑300.16
Every peak in Thunder history was almost immediately followed by an even bigger fallAstroworld5691D🔥81.00
What would James Harden have to do to surpass Kobe Bryant IsKevinHomeD🔥🗑140.25
Has an NBA player ever defecated during a game IsKevinHomeD👎🏻160.44
Tobias Harris Build in NBA2k19Stormgamer21_11R🔥31.00
Consistently bickering at refs is as bad as flopping lebronulousD👏🏻30.50
Three Team Trade this December to help the Cavs Warriors Suns Everybody wins HUGEWCDubyaBoiD👎🏻160.40
Who s the better defender the air conditioning or JJ Barea TheGrannyMenD👏🏻50.50
Assuming Ben Simmons increase his 3P to 45 next season will he be the league MVP DramaticStomachD👎🏻540.44
Who is most likely to break their teams single game scoring record next 2Chungus4UR👏🏻270.56
I think my fianc e is cheating on me with an NBA player How do I contact him his agent and tell him to leave her alone throneofdirtD🔥240.78
LeBron without help vs MJ without helpZOxZIONxBID👎🏻130.38
Are 3 point lay ups viable mac325D👎🏻100.43
LeBron s career stats vs MJ s rookie numbersTheGrannyMenD👎🏻290.40
Should Penny Hardaway be in the hall of fame Did someone blackballed him sportmagicD👏🏻30.50
Are LeBrons contemporaries in 2010s worse than than MJs contemporaries in 1990s Varnagel_1D🔥🗑50.20
Are people underrating how deadly a Boban KP front court can be theycantholdmedownD🔥50.80
Open your eyesI_Puddled_Kyrie_AMAD🔥100.70
Who is on your current Intergalactic team TheAirUpThere1D🔥31.00
Meta this sub went atomic on Grayson Allen for the fouls he committed and the ejection from a game he received a few weeks ago and now he is in the middle of the sidebar imageUse_Your_Illusion3D👎🏻300.31
All will be right if Westbrook and Harden win a ring together Dirk wins MVP in 2007 wins ring in 2011 Kobe wins MVP in 2008 wins ring in 2009 LeBron wins MVP in 2009 wins ring in 2012 Rose skipped KD wins MVP in 2014 ring in 2017 Curry wins MVwww_cauchy_coD👏🏻40.50
In the 1993-94 NBA Playoffs Dikembe Mutombo averaged 5 8 BLOCKS per gameagipe34D🔥20.88
Triple Double StatsfilipellopesD🔥110.92
Is peak shaq mythologized more on here more than relative to Hakeem RogfedinpeepeesR🔥11.00
ESPN and ripping off content from Reddit name a more iconic duoSmeezyFBabyD👏🏻90.67
If Kobe played for any franchise but the Lakers he wouldnt be regarded as a top 10 player in NBA history lebronulousD👎🏻640.37
2020 NBA draft will have the greatest international class everbronsonyoungD🔥50.89
The Clippers are so overrated they shouldnt be your favorites to make the WCF lebronulousD👎🏻280.40
OC Ranking NBA teams by DuoMitchPlease_D🔥🗑450.23
What are the chances the Lakers could trade for Chris Paul and Kevin Love to go with Anthony Davis and Lebron James amartinez69D🔥🗑23
The Knicks as an overall franchise are so overrated Air_colD👎🏻210.31
7 foot Lebron or 7 foot Stephen Curry sdo93D👏🏻210.50
Which NBA players and or coaches just kind of rub you the wrong way What about them gets under your skin GalacticSwashbucklerD🔥90.75
Is Number 2 the most hated player in the NBA Bronsexual_BandwagonD🔥🗑510.20
Your favorite player is at your door crying and saying I cant believe I did that over and over again Not far away are 10 cop cars chasing him Do you let him in lebronguzzlemyjazzD👏🏻290.50
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