Giannis proves why MJ is the goat

DROSEJ :AUS: Australia1:09 am Thu Jul 22 EDT Removed

Congrats to Giannis and the Bucks winning it all this year. He won MVP, DPOY, a ring and a FMVP already. Only him, MJ and Hakeem has achieved this. I reckon if he retires now hell be in the HOF. But MJ, has 3 more MVPs, Giannis plus Larry Bird, a DPOY and 6 times more Championships and FMVPS. Giannis hasnt win and scoring title whereas MJ has 10. U might think Giannis has one of the greatest Finals performance but when MJ played the Suns in the 1993 finals, he averaged 41 pts, Giannis averaged 35. Giannis scored 50 in his closeout game, everyone went crazy; MJ scored 55 in game 4 back then. A third of MJs career would still have 3 scoring titles, 2 champs, 2 FMVPs and 2 around MVPs, good enough to be a Hall of Famer. Thats just nuts. Again, I am not dissing Giannis or putting him in the GOAT conversation, hes got great potential to be there one day. Its just some of my personal thoughts.