Who are the youngest player ever played in the history NBA ABA

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We all know that Andrew Bynum was the youngest NBA/ABA player ever to participate the NBA at 18 years, 6 days. Apparently we are led to believe that this information are legitimate and undisputable. Then I did my research and I found out that there are younger players than Andrew Bynum. Here are the result of my extensive research ​ ​ The Young Generation - They are the fourth youngest player in the history of NBA/ABA. There are a lot of Young NBA players on the league. Danny Young, James Young, Joe Young, Korleone Young, Michael Young, Perry Young, Sam Young, Thaddeus Young, Tim Young, Trae Young and the most popular of them all is none other than Nick Young. Nick Young carried the Golden State Warriors to win their last championship title. Jason Kidd - He is the 3rd youngest NBA player that set a foot on NBA court. He also a key piece on the Dallas Maverick championship run by upsetting the first ever Superteam led by LeBron James. He is also the youngest head coach in the history of sports. Imagine becoming an NBA champion and head coach as a kid. Unbelievable. Mike Bibby - Without shadow of a doubt Mike Bibby is the second youngest NBA player. He also won the 1997 NCAA title as a baby. No one has ever done that! A baby winning an NCAA title. ​ Jayson Tatum - Last but not the least, Jayson Tatum. Jayson Tatum is the first ever fetus to posterized LeBron James as well as having his own baby at very young state of his life. Other may say that he is only 19 years old but he is still a fetus and a Third Team All NBA. I know my research is extensive but I made it on a limited time only if you can add more then I will be more than happy to know it.