Bill Simmons and Ryen Russillo still cant STFU about the Nets

shalvar_kordi :det-1: Pistons12:13 am Thu Jul 22 EDT Removed

So, I was listening to these guys podcast. I dont care for either of them but I think their podcast is usually alright. (I certainly dont listen to things just to hate.) But at some point they just become insufferable. These dudes are STILL talking about Durants foot being on the line. Bro, let it go. The Nets lost. The Nets did not win the championship, nor make the finals, nor even make the conference finals. Just STFU about it. Simmons is even still talking about how Durant was better than Giannis in that series. Im sorry, but nobody gives AF. Durant had some great games and great stat lines but Giannis team won, and they deserved to win. No one cares about great playoff individual performances if their team loses; thats just how it goes. Lebron had a monster game 1 in the 2018 finals; do we ever talk about it? No, we talk about JR Smith choking that game away. Speaking of Lebron, hearing this stuff is particularly irritating coming from Simmons, because he has long pushed this idea that the 2017 finals was between two evenly matched teams and that it came down to Durant outplaying Lebron. This is the most nonsensical, demonstrably false idea someone can have... but if thats how it is, Bill, then I am sorry, we cant talk about the Nets injuries nor Durants foot being on the line. If the 2017 facking Warriors and Cavs are evenly matched, then I dont want to hear a peep about the Nets being shorthanded against the Bucks (who are a great team but dont even have a third star). Yes, I know most of the podcast was not about Durant and the Nets but just the fact that it was brought up at all is facking annoying. Were not talking about the Hawks. Were not talking about the Clippers. So why TF should we talk about the Nets, a team that was eliminated in the second goddamn round?