Thoughts on Westbrook to Lakers trade

Puzzleheaded-Tie6500 4:30 pm Wed Jul 21 EDT 0 ups @ 0.45 Removed The deal is pretty much LA gets Westbrook the wizards get THT Kuzma and Schroder As a wizards fan I do this deal 10/10 because the wizards are so far away from a title I dont want another 6-8 seed first round elimination season especially if we risk losing Beal so I think the first step is shopping both of them and I cant imagine a much better offer for Westbrook on his current contract with his current flaws. What do lakers fans think? I feel like his inability to hit shots and how easy he is to game plan against in the playoffs has to worry some fans. Another big question if they do this deal will AD play center in the regular season I know he normally doesnt like doing it but a lineup of Russ KCP Lebron AD and a center (maybe like Drummond) is the worst shooting team in the league I think.