Since suns fans think I m crazy for coming up with this trade what do you guys think

privas9 :phx-3: Suns3:59 pm Wed Jul 21 EDT Removed

Sign and trade deal Suns send CP3, Cam Johnson, and 2 firsts Sixers send Ben Simmons Suns buy low on Simmons, get a guy that is an all nba defender, and help solve our rebounding issues which I think was our Achilles heal all season. We have enough shooters to surround him with and a great iso player, so his weaknesses wont be too big of an issue. Also is locked up for 4 years and he fits our timeline. Sixers get an all nba pg that wants to win now. Great leadership just dont know if the relationship is their with Doc? However hell make everyone around him better and he wont be a liability at the end of games. Cam Johnson is a great 3 and D guy and I think he has underrated potential to get even better. Picks are just added assets but probably arent worth much. Obviously I think phillys number 1 target should be Dame, but I dont think this would be a bad fall back plan, especially since Bens value aint that high right now. Also I know theyre might be some issues involving Book and Ben over Kendall. Not sure how serious thatd be but hopefully they can just get over it.