Every NBA championship this century was actually won by the Celtics

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The Celtics actually won every title this century 2000-2002: didnt draft Kobe in 1996 to be nice, softened up the Nets in 2002 2003: Softened the Nets again 2004: Traded Chauncey Billups when he was a rookie so Detroit could win 2005, 2007: lost Tim Duncan lottery on purpose 2006: Taught Gary Payton and Antoine Walker how to play bball and win rings 2008: Won it all 2009: Took a year off 2010: Let Lakers win game 7 2011: Didnít trade up to draft Dirk in 98 2012: Let LeBron have a legacy game so he wouldnít end up ringless 2013: Gave Heat Ray Allen 2014: Tim Duncan lottery 2015: Hurt Kevin Love 2016: Didnít hurt Kevin Love 2017: Took IT out of ECF + let KD go to GS in Free Agency. 2018: KD Free Agency 2019: Didnít trade for Kawhi 2020: Softened up the Heat 2021: Cursed the Nets with Leperchaun magic + taught Khris Middleton how to have a killer instinct All the championships in NBA history were thanks to us. Youíre welcome.