Giannis is still the second best player in the East after KD

Mad-Claw :bos-1: Celtics12:31 pm Wed Jul 21 EDT Deleted

It has been amazing to watch Giannis win this title, but lets dampen the hype a bit. Regardless of what people say, KD is still the top dog in the East. We saw how dominant KD was when he had to lead a team by itself. His co-stars in James Harden + Kyrie were injured, and the Bucks had a substantially better supporting cast. Dont forget about the clutch shotmaking that KD has over Giannis. When you build "a wall" like the Raptors did to Giannis two years ago, hes not as effective. The Nets dont have the players to do that. But the way KD plays and scores is effortless. He has the accolades and the skill to back this up. His performance against the Bucks was legendary. Swap Giannis with KD, and they probably sweep the Suns. Hell, I think KD would have beaten the Suns by himself.