LeBron James Love

TimDotThomas 10:17 am Wed Jul 21 EDT 0 ups @ 0.28 Removed

I cant understand the lovefest with LeBron James. Lakers went out in the first round, but ESPN continues to fit him in every conversation. They cant even give Giannis his props without making some kind of comparison. Its even front page news when he sits on the front row with his tequila. I saw an IG post highlighting Bronnys HS game...he had 20 pts. When Giannis had back to back 40 pt games, ESPN accidently put LeBron in the list of the only players to do the same feat. Do people really love this man that much? Are millions of people really dying to hear about him as much as possible? Do sports networks put up a mandate to mention that man as much as they can? Are they trying to create narratives that dont really exist? What gives?