New nickname for Giannis

salsa_boi 1:21 am Wed Jul 21 EDT 0 ups @ 0.31 Removed

Does anybody have some new nicknames for Giannis now that heís a champion because I have some so let me know what you guys think: Gianus (pronounced like genius): itís a mix of Giannis and genius because he is intelligent to score many points on the way to an NBA championship and is bilingual King of cream: plays in the cream city so could also be creamannis antetokounmpo or something like that Champ Freak Giannis from Greece: itís a mix of Greek freak and his name with the fact heís now an nba champ Thatís all I have right now and Iím just spit balling here so let me know your thoughts and if you have other nicknames for Giannis.