Only 5 Bucks Players scores and only Giannis scored more than 17 points The Bucks aren t that good

laddpadd 12:36 am Wed Jul 21 EDT 0 ups @ 0.08 Removed

Dont get me wrong, I absolutely love Giannis. Hes probably my second or third favorite player in the game. However, I cant get over the feeling that the Bucks as a whole are not that good of team, especially compared to the West. I predicted the Bucks to win the east, and I predicted them to beat PHX. However, I predicted this because of the weakness I saw in the Suns, not the greatness of the Bucks. The Bucks really dont seem to have great depth, as demonstrated by only 5 players scoring tonight. Moreover, Jrue Holiday is not a massive offensive threat, and his shot selection honestly seems to help the other team more than it helps his own. Middleton is a great number 2 every other night. If there was a true #2 scorer that was consistent, I could see this Bucks team winning more than 1 championship. However, because this team lacks any consistency outside of Giannis, I truly see this as a one-off championship team that had lucky breaks with injuries. I love my boy Giannis, and I LOVED this series, but please dont talk about the bucks as a dynasty until either the Bucks get a true second superstar or Middleton figures himself out. Feel free to disagree, Im really interested in what the rest of the world thinks. Congrats Bucks! Giannis for FMVP!!