On floors and ceilings

SilenceReallyGolden 9:10 am Thu Apr 8 EDT 0 ups @ 0.29 Deleted

Can we please stop with the narrative that Steph is the greatest ceiling-raiser in the sport. You add Steph to a great team and he raises the ceiling to dynasty. You know who also does that? LeBron. You add prime LeBron to any team in the league and he raises the ceiling to a title. Steph simply doesnt and didnt do that. If youd added him to a terrible team hed raise the ceiling to playoffs, maybe second round if he went off in the first. LeBron returned to a terrible Cavs team and they went to 4 finals. LeBron is the greatest ceiling-raiser in the league. LeBron is probably also the greatest floor-raiser (lottery team to the finals anyone?), but I really think weve got to look at CP3 as well. You add him to the worst team in the league and whats their floor? 8th seed. Theres probably nobody else in the league that makes their teammates better as well as CP3. Hes been added to a Suns team thats been bad for years, finally started to get something going and suddenly theyre the 2 seed and everyone expects them to get out of the first round, maybe into the conference finals depending on the seed the Lakers end up with and the health of LeBron and AD.