Jokic should be nowhere near the MVP race

triedtobefunnylol 12:13 am Thu Apr 8 EDT 0 ups @ 0.12 Removed

I swear Jokic is so overrated.People are talking like he deserves an MVP and thats just ridiculous.While he is having a great year,hes just not an MVP caliber player.No matter which way you put it,whether its statistical,team success,or even watchability,Nikola Jokic just isnt an MVP.Starting off with with statistics,Jokic is 11th in ppg,11th in rpg,and 6th in apg.Those may be all star numbers,but they certainly arent MVP numbers.Next is team success,while the Nuggets arent a bad team by any means necessary,they realistically arent finals contenders like the 76ers,Jazz,and Nets are,all of which have candidates in the MVP race.Currently,the Nuggets are 4th in the western conference standings,but for most of the year,they teetered between 6th and 7th place.Now,while Jokic has a higher win share than the MVP candidates on the 76ers,Jazz,and Nets,this could be chalked up to these teams having multiple all star players,while the Nuggets only have one,so of course Jokic is going to have more winshares.Lastly,Jokic isnt the most fun player to watch.While Jokic has 30 dunks in 50 games played,Joel Embiid has 27 dunks in only 33 games.This just goes to show how Jokic isnt the most fun player to watch.