Grayson Allen against the Atlanta Hawks tonight 30 points 4 rebounds 3 assists on 10 18 shooting and a game-high 20 for Memphis

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After graduating from [Princeton University]( and [Harvard Law School](, Cruz pursued a career in government. He worked as a policy advisor in the [George W. Bush]( administration before serving as Solicitor General of Texas from 2003 to 2008. In 2012, Cruz [was elected to]( the U.S. Senate, becoming the first Hispanic American to serve as a U.S. senator from Texas. In the Senate, Cruz has taken consistently conservative positions on economic and social policy; he played a leading role in the [2013 United States federal government shutdown](, seeking to force Congress and President [Barack Obama]( to defund the [Affordable Care Act]( He was reelected in an unusually close Senate race in [2018]( against [Democratic]( candidate [Beto ORourke]( In [2016](, Cruz ran for President of the United States, placing second behind [Donald Trump]( in the Republican primary. The competition for the Republican presidential nomination between Trump and Cruz was deeply acrimonious and characterized by a series of public personal attacks. While Cruz initially declined to endorse Trumps campaign once he won the nomination, he later became a staunch Trump supporter during the latters presidency. In January 2021, Cruz provoked a widespread political and popular backlash after filing [objections to the certification of Joe Bidens victory]( over Trump in the [2020 presidential election](; he was criticized for giving credence to the [baseless conspiracy theory]( that the election was stolen from Trump. After a violent mob of Trump supporters, motivated by the beliefs Cruz and others promoted, [stormed the United States Capitol](, figures from across the political spectrum condemned him and argued that he bore responsibility for the riot and the five deaths it caused.[[1]](