The NBA plans to store personal and biometric information of every fan next fall and onward is disturbing and is not at all required for public health safety There are a lot of far less invasive alternatives

SnuggleMuffin42 Spurs1:57 pm Wed Apr 7 EDT Removed

I found it a bit odd that there was mostly hype about opening arenas next season, but very little in way of criticism on what seems like a blatant overreach by the NBA. A lot of it was in removed comments, I guess because their language was over the line. In Europe, some countries want to implement a "Green Passport" - its a list of people who got both shots of the vaccination, and once you have you get a personal QR Code. You can either print it or show it on your phone and once scanned, it connects to a government site that shows a picture of you, your name, and that you are vaccinated. (For technical people - theres also an API, so you can use to arena scanners used for tickets to show this info). Other less sophisticated options include asking for an approval of vaccination from fans, or simply the low-tech option of just fucking waiting until this pandemic is subdued to the point where everything is open (California will allow all location to fully open by June 15th, for example, and they are on the harsher side of things). Having a private company take the biometric information of millions of fans (and private info as well - they ask for your fathers name, highschool, other kind of info usually reserved for CC companies or your bank at worst) is a major invasion of fans privacy. A leak of said info is unrepairable - you cant change your face or fingerprints or your fathers name. It could be used to impersonate you. Even if there isnt a leak, it could be used for insane micro-targeting, especially when used against other info corporations obtain from many vectors. All in all seems like a massive overreach by the NBA, and fans should make themselves heard that it is completely unnecessary, and unacceptable.