Nuggets and Blazers should make a handshake agreement that both should stay at 4 5 seed and meet in the first round so its beneficial for both teams

ProudStephew :gsw-2: Warriors10:50 am Wed Apr 7 EDT Removed

If nuggets somehow go ahead of the clippers to third, they are likely playing the Lakers and with LeBron they will likely lose. Blazers if they also go ahead to 3rd face the same problem. Nuggets might also face the Mavs who also have a chance to be 6 seed with Lakers injuries and matchup with blazers better as they keep losing to the Mavs. Blazers cant stay in the 6 seed either as they likely play the clippers who they got stuffed by I think its best if both teams just decide to keep 4/5 seeds and tank games if they get too ahead. Nuggets did something like this last year to avoid the Mavs and jazz did it to avoid the rockets. Both matchup well with each other and anyone can win. What do you guys think?