Is Jokics special move the Sombor Shuffle a travel

thunderking500 3:35 am Wed Apr 7 EDT 1 ups @ 0.55 Deleted

That’s a travel and he does it continuously. It pisses me off. He actually traveled twice on the play. Took two steps didn’t shoot, then stepped before the dribble. Then after the dribble he switches pivot feet before releasing the ball. Dudes completely ignored the fact that you can’t take 3 steps before or after the dribble. It’s not a harden gather situation either. He’s just taking 3 steps but he’s so slow no one knows how to call it. On his spin fade aways, his right foot comes off the ground while he’s still on his left foot. Both feel have to come off the ground at the same time for it to be legal. Otherwise that’s just switching your pivot foot. [](