Do you expect Kevin Durant will be a borderline top 10 player in NBA history like Steph Curry Legacy wise

Varnagel_1 NBA12:51 am Wed Apr 7 EDT Deleted

**Disclaimer:** This thread is about KDs legacy in the all-time ranking, not how talented KD is.... --- For most of 2010s, Curry has been accepted as the best PG in the NBA and is the GOAT-shooter by a landslide. He won 2 MVPs and earned 3 Championships as objectively the [best]( [player]( throughout their dynasty era. Not to mention how Curry is massively impactful as 5v5 player to make his teammates around him better. At this point, its safe to say Curry is the 2nd best player behind LeBron. KD is a fantastic pure scorer and nobody can take it away from him. He is awesome as 1v1 player. But he never won a Championship as the best player for OKC and only has only 1 MVP. KD was never a 5v5 player who could elevate his teammates or reached Curry insane peak. KD does have a bit more longevity than Curry, but its not enough. Most people dont rate [Karl Malone]( ahead of [Curry]( in all-time ranking despite the formers longevity blows out of the water in comparison. **As the title titles, do you think KD will be borderline top 10 player like Curry before retiring?**