Lets ask a different question does Embiid deserve the free throws he gets

thunderking500 11:09 pm Tue Apr 6 EDT 0 ups @ 0.45 Deleted

with so much talk about the Embiid and Jokic discrepency in free throws, which seems to have been a hot topic here. I want to ask a different question Does Embiid really deserve all the free throws he gets? its true that he gets doubled and tripled alot, but how many times does he get hacked? Im sorry, but sometimes it seems like he does trae young style flops where he just throws the ball in the air, its pretty blatant. Not saying he doesnt get hacked, but so do alot of other players, but there not shooting 20 free throws a game. This isnt about Jokic or anything,this is just asking if you think he deserves all those free throws a game?