This thing with Jokic and refs is ridiculous at this point

fil0s0f_ 10:14 pm Tue Apr 6 EDT 14 ups @ 0.61 Removed

Refs literally refuse to give this man free throws. Im not a conspiracy guy but if anything is going to push me in that direction its this situation with Jokic. I just watched the first half of Pistons - Nuggets and he shot 0 free throws again and they could have given him like 8 easily. Aside from contact in the paint, every single shot he takes outside the paint defenders are whacking his arms and refs pretend everything is ok. Whats even funnier I watched Embiid before this and now I see his FTA are up to 20 in the game...I dont want to take anything from him, dude is unstoppable and knows how to draw fouls which is a valuable skill but refs willingness to give fouls to him and Jokic are day and night.