The Onion NBA Shot Clock Ejected From Game After Startling Referee With Buzzer

the_big_jam Cavaliers7:10 pm Mon Feb 22 EDT Removed NEW ORLEANS—In a controversial call that quickly drew widespread criticism, NBA referee Josh Tiven reportedly ejected the shot clock at the New Orleans Pelicans game Sunday after it startled the official with its buzzer. “The Pelicans’ shot clock was clearly trying to disrupt the game with its rude, loud buzzing, leaving me with no choice but to throw it out of the game,” said Tiven, defending his decision to expel the disgraced LED display, which reportedly had to be dragged away from the arena by multiple officials. “This was flagrant misconduct. Interrupting the referee by emitting a deafening noise through your speakers is a technical foul, and any NBA shot clock should have known this. Ask anyone who was there, I’m sure they heard it. I’m just trying to do my job, but I can’t do it if the Pelicans’ equipment insists on making these violent outbursts.” At press time, Tiven added the shot clock’s buzzing sound was also clearly profane.