The NBA the refs and this sub

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Alright r/NBA, if youíre reading this, buckle up. In wake of the constant complaining about the refs on this sub, and what seems to be actual lack of information on the subject, I throwing this out there. First and foremost- go listen to the whistleblower podcast, you will quickly realize that this ref problem isnít new. *Spoiler Alert* itís about Tim Donaghy, and heís actually in it, and while that may immediately make you think well itís not credible because heís got a bone to pick, just listen with an open damn mind. Because there are actually good guys on that podcast, ones that didnít get to talk during the whole Donaghy ordeal. One in particular that is beyond credible- BEYOND CREDIBLE- that flat out says that the NBA and the WWE might as well be the same thing. And in my opinion thatís not even the most mind blowing thing on there, to me itís the amount of refs that come from a specific county but Iím not going to spoil it all for you... Hereís the thing, once you realize that the NBA and the WWE are the same thing but with the most amazing athletes-talent-storylines- and drama, then you will realize thereís zero point in saying another word about the refs. Because itís an institutional problem. One thatís not going to be fixed any time soon either, if Scott Foster is in the league, then there is no basketball. Only professional wrestling. The action that can be taken, is one on the whistleblower podcast mentions, we need to email Mark Cuban and tell him ďItís TimeĒ meaning if he gives a voice to whatís going on seeing how his franchise was at the mercy of the refs in the 2008 finals, then maybe the NBA can go back to being more basketball. The only way this sub can help make change is to flood that mans email till he speaks up, heís an owner, the commissioner works for him, and heís got his own complicated past with refs that would only lend credibility to the movement. Thatís what I have for you guys. Cheers. TLDR: listen to the whistleblower podcast, the NBA is actually the WWE, email Cuban ďItís TimeĒ