LeBron James is QUIETLY making a case for the greatest of all time Why is this not talked about as much as it should be

ZionsGumbo :hou-1: Rockets11:26 am Mon Feb 22 EDT Removed

LeBron James has accumulated an impressive amount of awards in his career that have seemingly gone under the radar. While we know he is great, it does not seem apparent to the majority of people of what he has done in his long career: 16 all-star games 4 championships 16 all-NBA appearances 35,000 points This sample size of stats/accolades shows how much his greatness seemingly goes unnoticed around here, and why is HOF probability sits at 100%. We should do a better job of recognizing this and appreciating the time we have to watch him before it is too late. (Source: https://www.basketball-reference.com/players/j/jamesle01.html)