Basketball is dying

Fulmizant Cavaliers10:21 am Mon Feb 22 EDT Removed

I went to the park to run 5s yesterday (I live in Florida so its like the pandemic doesnt exist) and the game at the grassroots level is dramatically different from the NBA game. Im not saying park runs should look exactly like elite, professional basketball but its a completely different game. We have to get back to what refs were intended to do, which is protect the athletes from hurting each other and keeping the game organized. Instead theyre being used as a weapon. Free throw hunting is a manipulation of basketball. Fans hate it because its not a natural part of the game. It needs to be the NBAs highest priority to eliminate all types of manipulation and return basketball to its roots. Its an offense-defense game. You need to have teams that can be dominant on defense to create intriguing matchups and varying styles. The game is too homogeneous. The strategies are too similar. The officiating is garbage. The elite players are bitches who gang up with each other. You end up with no storylines.