This Season is killing our players

Mizaistorm 12:12 am Mon Feb 22 EDT 0 ups @ 0.44 Removed

knock on wood. i m watching some game recently and i noticed signs of fatigue from players ,the last few days box score is around 100 which is much lower than usual especialy when season started when games reach 120-130. also almost every team especialy in top seed either had covid or has mild to serious injury. and that become worse after ASG there are no more break. with that much stress on the body you either reaggrevate the injury or it will lead to another injury in another body part. the last part of the season is going to be even more intense as fringe playoff team will even put more effort and concedering you can make it just by reaching 10th seed . There is no chance players will get a break because of commitement to team usa in Olympic. I hope it just me being pessimestic but it possible we get a weird playoff were best or top seed wont make it because of injury.