Hypothetical Mega 4-Team Beal trade that would be great for the NBA Wizards Sixers Raptors Knicks

BDN-Forever 2:20 pm Sun Feb 21 EDT 0 ups @ Removed

Bradley Beal to the Sixers for Ben Simmons and 2 1st round picks Ben Simmons to the Raptors for Kyle Lowry and 3 1st round picks Kyle Lowry to the Knicks for Elfrid Peyton,Reggie Bullock, Frank Ntilikina and a 1st round pick Why? Wizards get 6 1sts to rebuild with and dont have to force misfitting Russell Westbrook, and Ben Simmons to play together in a straight up Sixers-Wizards deal Sixers maximize Embiids prime with a lethal partner in Beal - P&R would be infinitely better than Murray/Jokic who went deep in the bubble...Cant run P&R with Ben and Embiid Raptors stay contender for years to come with FVV-Powell-Siakam-Simmons. (And yes Im placing Simmons after Siakam because Raptors would be able to unleash the Point-Center in Ben Simmons) Knicks would run Lowry-Quickley-RJ-Randle-Mitch and have a better team to make some noise this year. Any upgrade over Elfrid and Bullock should be welcomed. Theyd have to resign Lowry. Im guessing he could do a 3yr 45/60mill deal into retirement but I think giving up a 1st is worth it. They have those extra two mavs picks and the free agency class all but dried up - except Kawhi