Kyrie to LeBron last night after his bricked 3 and Carusos miss

ERPDAX [CLE] Richard Jefferson11:12 am Sun Feb 21 EDT Removed

"Thats your best 3 point shooter?" KD, Kyrie, Harden smell blood. Kyrie hates LeBron, KD feels hes better than LeBron, and Harden has called out LeBron for being in the east and not having to "try" every night, wishing he could "only play some nights like that." Of course, thst was a couple years ago and LeBron just dicked Harden in the playoffs, but even more reason for animosity. And for some reason no one even cares like the KD Warriors despite Kyrie pretending to go crazy and AWOL so they could get Harden without trading him. LeSuperteam wishes he was that sneaky