The Chicago Bulls are currently closer to the 4 seed in the East than the LA Lakers are to the 1 seed in the West

NitroXYZ [UTA] Joe Ingles9:44 am Sun Feb 21 EDT Deleted

Not a knock on the Lakers but more so just emphasising how close the Bulls are to the better teams in the East. Just another reason why Im fully on board the Zach Lavine hype train for him to earn an All-Star selection this season. Its actually really surprising to me to see how the East standings are stacking up right now. - The Hornets and Knicks are closer to the 4 seed than Nets are to the 1 seed and than the Bucks are to the 2 seed. - The *extremely disappointing* Wizards are just 1.5 games back of last seasons NBA finalist Miami Heat. What are some other crazy standing oddities you can observe so far?