Why are roleplayers on LeBron led teams uncharacteristically garbage at shooting time and time again

Astrowalkers :ec-1: East11:28 pm Sat Feb 20 EDT Deleted

Aside from LeBrons off night performance, a number of Laker roleplayers either slowed their momentum significantly or were just there for the fitness gram pacer test throughout the night. Kyle Kuzma had three great open looks in the clutch and bricked all three. Morris is just washed. Wes Matthews had a long bad streak with short bursts throught but nothing substantial. For whatever reason roleplayers always tend to underperform when LeBron is the facilitator. Is this because they get to comfortable with someone carrying the brunt of the offence *and* playmaking? Could it be there lack of touches on the ball due to LeBrons high USG leading to the roleplayers lack of rhythym? Is there something deeper to this?