Lebron not scared to go to a franchise by himself

nuey77 9:12 pm Sat Feb 20 EDT 0 ups @ 0.18 Removed

Just want to thank Lebron for coming to the Lakers. He didnt get with 2 or 3 Superstars WITH THE APPROVAL OF THE MEDIA, he had the BALLS to came to the Lakers by himself, and he almost willed a raw baby lakers team to the playoff-if not for torn groin muscle. ALL THE MEDIA WAS AGAINST HIM when he wanted to add kawhi. But ALL THE MEDIA WAS IN FAVOR OF BROOKLYN getting together with 3 biatches. In todays game, LEBRON is the man, and a tiny guy who cant even let his team know where he is will always try to tear LEBRON down. THANK YOU LEBRON for inspiring the low class and making the league better. ps. let me know when the Commissioner STEALS a player from the nets after a 3 TEAM TRADE IS AGREED UPON, and let me know when tiny IRVING goes to a team by himself (without being hated by all celtics teamates and RANNNN out of town), and lemme know when crybaby kd and traveling harden go to a team by themselves. Did you see the box score for THE KING=32,8,7..Who stopped him? He was by himself with a bunch of G league guys. WHO stopped him??