New to Basketball and trying to figure out NBA players in reference to NFL Players

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Who is the? ... Tom Brady: Oldest GOAT still playing Patrick Mahomes: Baby GOAT Lamar Jackson: Unbelievable Superstar in a great team but plays OK in the playoffs Aaron Donald: Hands Down the best Superstar *most feared player Deshaun Watson: Good Superstar, can compete with Baby Goat but stuck in the worst Team Aaron Rodgers & Devante Adams: Best Duo (Currently) Raheem Mostert: Fastest Player on the field/court Derrick Henry: Unbelievably Strong/Fast for his position Drew Brees: Guaranteed First Ballot Hall of Fame, has amazing stats but only won the big game once Barry Sanders: Greatest Hall of Famer to never play/win the big game Jamarcus Russell: Biggest Draft Bust