What a 10 part mini-series about LeBron would look like so far

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This took me a long time to type up. Guest speakers include speakers who would be new, obviously some would return in other episodes. I also know that some of these speakers wouldnt agree to do it. I was thinking about doing only 9 episodes cause we dont know what the rest of his career would look like (he could 3 peat, he could retire with 4 rings, playing with bronny, etc...)   Episode 1. "His Heirness" or the "Chosen One" Plot: Early childhood, St. Vincent-St. Mary state titles and national championship, Sports Illustrated cover, and his ROTY season Guest speakers: - Dru Joyce (Head coach of SVSM) - Paul Silas (If hes still around) - Gloria James - Carlos Boozer & Darius Miles (From the infamous clip of them saying LeBron was going to hop on their bandwagon) - Grant Wahl (Writer behind the SI cover)   Episode 2. "Rags to Riches" Plot: 2nd year LeBron leads the Cavaliers to their first winning season since 1998 and becomes an instant super star. 3rd year LeBron leads the Cavaliers to their first 50 win season since 1993 and their first playoff appearance in 8 years. LeBron James takes the 64 win Pistons coming off of 2 straight finals appearances to 7 games. Guest Speakers: - Mike Brown - Players from the Pistons (Chauncey Billups, Ben Wallace, etc..) - Big Z - Gilbert Arenas - Caron Butler   Episode 3. "Superstardom" Plot: Infamous 48 point game against the Pistons in 2007. Taking the Cavaliers to the finals at just 22 years old in just his fourth season. 2008 season winning the scoring title. Beating the Wizards once again. Taking the eventual champs the Boston Celtics to 7 games and putting up 45 points in game 7 but coming up just short. Guest Speakers: - Tim Duncan - Rajon Rondo - Kevin Garnett - Paul Pierce - Some of LeBrons cavs teammates   Episode 4. "Rarified air" or "Falling short" Plot: Back to back MVP seasons turning the Cavaliers into one of the best franchises in the league. 2009 post season run. Losing once again to the Celtics in 2010. Guest Speakers: - Dwight Howard - Ray Allen - Kendrick Perkins - Mo Williams   Episode 5. "The Decision" Plot: LeBron leaves the Cavaliers for the Miami Heat in a televised live decision. The resulting backlash. First game back in Cleveland and fans throwing batteries at the court. The 2011 failure. Guest Speakers: - Dan Gilbert - Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh - Adam Silver - Pat Riley - Maverick Carter - Jim Gray   Episode 6. "Over the hump." Plot: LeBron James finally wins his coveted first title along with the league MVP and Finals MVP. LeBron repeats and wins back to back titles. 2014 finals. Guest Speakers: - Paul George (or other Pacers players) - Erik Spoelstra - Tony Parker - Tim Duncan - Manu Ginobli - James Harden - KD or Westbrook   Episode 7. "Im coming home" Plot: LeBron James the prodigal son of Akron, Ohio announces he is returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers to form a team with young star Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love. The 2015 nba season and the 2015 playoffs carry job. Guest Speakers: - Kyrie Irving - Kevin Love - David Blatt - David Griffin - Paul Millsap - Iguadola?   Episode 8. "Promises Kept" Plot: LeBron James fulfills his promise to the city of Cleveland and delivers the first major sports title to the city while ending the 52 year "Cleveland Curse". 3-1 comeback. Guest Speakers: - Stephen Curry - Draymond Green - Tristan Thompson - Jr Smith   Episode 9. "The streak continues" Plot: Warriors add Kevin Durant while LeBron and the Cavaliers look to repeat. LeBron James continues to make History by making the playoffs for 8 straight years. The entire 2018 post season run with multiple game winners and LeBrons 50 point game in game 1 of the finals. JRs mistake. Guest Speakers: - George Hill - Koby Altman - DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry - Oladipo - Jayson Tatum   Episode 10. "Show time" Plot: LeBron James shocks the world once again by joining one of the most storied franchises in the leagues history the Los Angeles Lakers and brings them their first title in 10 years. Guest Speakers: - Magic Johnson - Jeanie Buss - Rob Pelinka - Anthony Davis - Lillard or McCollum