How the Sixers can be Fixed in One Step

Spectr3- 1:49 pm Sat Oct 17 EDT 0 ups @ 0.40 Deleted

Only one of thing needs to happen: Someone hack Elton Brands Twitter and write Free Hong Kong. Then our impassioned owner, Josh Harris, hailing from the LeBron school of physical, spiritual and emotional well-being, will fire the bad man. Next, we hire Maryl Dorey, Moreys twin brother who looks exactly like him with all the basketball and analytic expertise, with the lone exceptions of him having a mustache and being fiercely pro-China. Some people may say Well thats obviously just Daryl Morey, to which we respond, Oh yeah, did Daryl Morey have a mustache? Yeah, didnt think so, dipshit. The only problem is figuring out Eltons password. VeryWellRespectedByGMsThroughoutTheLeague did not work, so Im out of ideas, but I think Im in the ballpark.