Did Kawhi Leonard s load management cost the clippers a ring

XXXJAHLUIGI :lal-1: Lakers12:49 pm Sat Oct 17 EDT Removed

Kawhi Leonard has been famous for sitting out of games to help with the recovery of his body and while some people disagree with him for missing so many games, the argument for him doing it is that he gets it done in the playoffs which, for the most part, is true. Kawhi missed out on 15 out of the clippers 72 games this season and they were 3 wins away from tying the lakers record. Assume that kawhi plays for a few of those missed games this season and wins 4 of them. The clippers get the 1st seed and instead have to face the trailblazers, rockets and lakers. It’s no debate that they’d make the WCF and if they beat the lakers they’d go on to beat the heat and become the nba champions. Obviously this is someone what of a stretch and we could easily talk about Paul George and how he didn’t play as expected but I think it’s interesting how people say that kawhis load management doesn’t matter because he can get things done in the playoffs even though he would have been much more successful had he played slightly more in the regular season.