The last Lebron team to win a championship 2016 Cavs were very conservative in the 2016 offseason The 2020 Lakers cannot do the same thing

4Rings4FMVP4MVP :lal-1: Lakers11:23 pm Fri Oct 16 EDT Deleted

The West is going to be an absolute bloodbath next season. The East is getting better. There is no time to rest. The only addition the Cavs made after winning the championship was Mike Dunleavy. The 2016 Cavs waited until the 2017 offseason to explore trades for Kevin Love (there was actually a tentative agreement in place for the Cavs to get PG for Kevin Love in a 3 team trade in 2017). The Cavs were reactive. The Lakers need to be proactive. The Lakers need to first use their MLE and BAE. The Lakers need to look at what they can get for their 2020, 2021, and 2026 first round picks. Green (who can still play good defense but has lost his offense completely) is an expiring contract and packaged with Kuzma could possibly net them something that is a better fit. What could they get for those 2 and Caruso? The Lakers need better shooters. Imagine what they could do with knockdown shooters like Duncan Robinson or Doug McDermott. Try to keep Rondo and Dwight on the cheap, and be very aggressive in going after ring chasers who will take the vet min. Also what will KCP do with his player option? Getting back Avery Bradley will be huge for the Lakers.