This his why ratings are down Season MVP 611 tall Finals MVP 69 tall Los Angeles Lakers the champions average height 67 The average male American is 57

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People are tired of privileged people making millions without breaking a sweat just look at the riots and the calls for equal opportunities. Basketball is the least meritocratic sport in the world, its all about being tall, hard work has little to no influence. Shaquelle ONeal is the laziest guy in the world, he even didnt care about being in shape and yet he earned millions playing Basketball because he is 7 foot tall and has very long arms. Just one example of why people are tired of Basketball players. The hypocrites even lecture people about life when all they did to be successful is being born tall. The NBA will keep losing popularity because people are fed up of this, if the NBA wants to survive they have to make the sport based on hard work and not on being tall. Now, start giving ideas on how to accomplish this.