Every NBA arena should install a 7 feet wide 5 feet deep ball pit along the perimeter of the court

thebirdman18 :den-3: Nuggets10:41 am Fri Oct 16 EDT Removed

There are a number of different reasons why the NBA should do this. The first and foremost is because it’s safer for the players diving for loose balls than diving into a crowd of people or just a hard wood surface. Have you ever landed hard on a basketball court? Ow. The second of which is because ball pits are fun. Players who normally wouldn’t dive for loose balls would be much more inclined if they’re doing so and land in a ball pit. The third of which is the possibility of adding in potential incentives within the ballpit. The “game within a game” type of thing. You can hide a number of different things in the ball pit that players can hunt for during live balls. You can hide cash, maybe a coupon book of the city you’re playing in, or maybe some beneficial rule change things like the opposing team’s next free throws are taken from the 3 point line, or their Gatorade cups are replaced with Capri sun cups. Or they have to play the next possession with mittens. That way there is a reason to jump into the ball pit (other than the fact that ball pits are fun of course). Adam silver is a visionary so maybe they try it out in the G league next year and implement it for the 2021 season. But this is a change the NBA desperately needs