A Truly Historic Championship

69LastTry69 :hou-3: Rockets2:41 am Fri Oct 16 EDT Removed

Never would any one of us have ever foreseen the Lakers winning a championship. The Lakers of all teams. One of Thirty. Lone champions. They have suffered and suffered for years and years, awaiting the ever-eluding golden Larry OBrien trophy. They have sweated through and throughout. The trip from Golden State may not have been difficult but bandwagoners? No such thing. In fact, the word band and wagon as well the suffix -er has now been banned in the City of Angeles. Since 2010, Los Angeles has suffered in the world of basketball. But 2020, they did it. It may have been tough but Tony Brothers and Scott Foster made us believe in a Lakers roster nobody else believed in. Lebron, the fearess top-3 all time and the newly acquired, Anthony Davis, *charged* through as role players behind every missed call while Frank Vogel existed. The underdogs? Wrong. The Little Guys. The Lakers. No team has ever suffered like the Lakers. This one is for Los Angeles. Cheers. *