OC Why Josh Jackson is the next LeBron James

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Yes, Josh Jacksonís career has been rough to say the least, but with the news the Cavs are targeting him, Iíve seen the light that heís the next LeBron. Hereís 10 reasons why. **1. He plays basketball.** *Josh Jackson, like LeBron plays basketball. You might be thinking ďEvery NBA player does thatĒ, but itís a requirement to be the next LeBron, trust me. He canít be a football player and be the ďnext LeBronĒ, it doesnít go like that. This is a small, yet important requirement.* **2. Heís black.** *I donít wanna get too far into race here, but nobody calls Luka the next LeBron, even with how great his statistics is. Hell, people compare him to Larry despite having a completely different play style just because, yea. So, yes, another small requirement most NBA players have, but trust me.* **3. Heís American** *Yet again, another small requirement he fills that a lot of NBA players have, but itís important. If Josh Jackson wasnít American, he wouldnít be the next LeBron, right?* **4. Top 5 pick in the draft.** *As we know, LeBron was the top pick, and Josh Jackson was pick #4 in the draft. This means they were both top 5 picks in their respective drafts. Does this correlate much to the fact Josh Jackson is the next LeBron? No, but itís important. Now, the next couple facts will be a bit more damning. **5. The Cavaliers had interest in both of them.** *It is not a coincidence why the Cavaliers had interest in LeBron in free agency during 2010 and 2014, and they want Josh Jackson now in 2020. The Cavaliers are a smart organization, the 3rd last organization to win a ring. They see the light. They know, Josh Jackson is the next LeBron James.* **6. He is a small forward.** *Josh Jackson does play shooting guard at times, but his natural position is small forward obviously. Guess what LeBron natural position is? SMALL FORWARD. He plays point guard now for the Lakers but itís a common fact that heís a natural small forward.* **7. They both played for multiple teams in one conference and their third team was in a different conference.** *Think of this. LeBron has played for the Cavs, Heat, and Lakers. The Cavaliers and the Heat are in the Eastern Conference. The Lakers are in the Western Conference. Josh Jackson has played for the Suns and Grizzlies. Two teams in the Western Conference. If he signs with the Cavs, then he would play for one Eastern Conference team after playing with 2 Western Conference teams to begin his career. That means he followed the same pattern that lebron followed.* If those 3 facts didnít convince, these 3 HAVE TO. **8. He is 6 foot 8.** *Every website says Lebron is 6 foot 9 but without shoes heís obviously 6 foot 8. Josh Jackson is 6 foot 8. That means theyíre the same height. Yet more proof Josh Jackson is next LeBron James.* **9. Both of their children has gotten high before.** *At this point, you think Iím insane, Iím reaching, I AM NOT. Part of the reason the Suns made the horrific mistake of trading Josh Jackson to the Grizzlies was because he got his 5 month old daughter high smoking marijuana. LeBron did not get his son high, but his son accidentally posted a short video on his IG story of HIMSELF GETTING HIGH. IS THIS A COINCIDENCE THAT THESE 2 GUYS ARE THE ONLY PLAYERS WITH CHILDREN THAT GOT HIGH BEFORE?* This last one..... **10. His last name starts with a J and a vowel.** *Every top 5 player has a J and a vowel to start their last name.* *Jordan. Jabbar. Johnson.* **JAMES.** **JACKSON.**