We can all learn something from Jimmy Butler

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Traded from the Sixers and called a "locker room cancer." 75-1 odds to make the Finals, 5th seed in the Eastern Conference playing with a young group, facing the two-time MVP and DPOY Giannis Antetokounmpo. Facing a young upcoming great Boston team, facing the best team in the league and the best duo in the league respectively in LeBron James and Anthony Davis, with the Lakers expected to sweep the Heat and were clear favorites for the championship. Despite all the odds, Jimmy never stopped fighting. He stayed resilient, He was never broken. He was always the underdog, and he liked it that. He enjoyed having people bet against him, taking him for granted. Because it made the taste of victory even sweeter. He never backed down to anyone, whether it was Giannis, LeBron, AD, Tatum and Kemba, all were the same to Jimmy: a challenge to overcome. Miami down 2 games, Lakers Nation pretty much already celebrating the championship. It took a masterpiece of a game from Jimmy for the Heat to have any chance in this game, and a masterpiece of a game he delivered, one of the greatest individual performances of all time. LA took game 4, and the Heat were facing elimination. The Larry OBrien was in the building, waiting to be lifted. The Lakers were looking to celebrate number 17 for Kobe, and for the Mamba Mentality to live on. The mamba mentality was present that day, but on the opposing side, in Jimmy Butler, playing 47 minutes, taking another game from the Lakers, going head to head against the King himself, and defeating him. No circumstance was too much for Butler, even in such pressure. We can all learn something from Jimmy Butler. No situation is too big. No challenge is too hard. No pressure is too much. No opponent is too good. No odds are too low.